Wooden Desk Modern for Beautiful Apartment Design with Vintage Style

Wooden Desk Modern – Let’s get something different from this apartment design with wooden desk modern. You will be brought into a traditional theme which combines with the colorful vintage. This apartment applies open idea without any doors separated each room. It gives a welcome feeling to your guests and spacious effect. Begin with this living space. We can see the traditional touch from the unpolished wooden material there.

This living space is furnished with the endearing white sofa adorned with some colorful cushions above. The coffee table also combines the traditional wood and modern glass material, blend with the whole decoration. There is a beige chaise lounge in old design.

The seams look not neat but precisely add the artistic touch into the design. Near from the living space, there is home office. Vintage and traditional still applied in the decoration. There are some apartment design tips that you can follow. It is enough to place furniture if it can represent the style you want, for example this wooden pole. The owner just needs to add other vintage items such as this green transparent vase on the wooden desk modern. The design of white open shelf and the addition of black and white photograph also enhance the vintage decoration. The bedroom also shows the retro style from the placement of dresser with retro paint.

The bewitching brown old chest also ornament from bones adorn this space so perfectly in retro style. The designer also put a brown arm chair to give more comfort for you. The bathroom also designed in such way to make it looks beautiful. We can see the addition of traditional brown chair also old white bucket and table that insert the traditional look into this bathroom.

The endearing bathtub will guarantee a great soak time for you. Those are the reviews about apartment interior design which apply the wooden desk modern, hope they will be useful for you.

Originally posted 2017-09-10 06:47:56.

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