How To Draw A Teen Bedroom Design Floor Plan?

Bedroom Design Floor Plan – Do you have any tips for drawing a teen bedroom design floor plan? Drawing a good teen room design floor plan is easy once you’ve made some notes regarding the space and how you wish to better utilize it. A floor plan is also great way to organize your teen room design thoughts. For starters, you’ll need to measure your teen room from top to bottom. Be sure to include the size of all your doors and windows as well as any built-in features like a bookcase or desk. Next, you’ll want to draw your teen bedroom design floor plan to scale. Use ¼ inch graph paper.

Each square on the paper will equal one foot. (For example if a wall measures 22 feet, the line you draw representing the wall will take up 22 squares.) Do a rough sketch of your teen room and include the positioning of any windows, doorways, built-in features, and permanent furniture pieces such as your bed and armoire. Additional bedroom furniture and décor elements can be then added one at a time. You’ll also save considerable time and energy by drawing your teen bedroom design in pencil first.

Use a ruler to make your lines. It’s also a good idea to record your measurements right on the floor plan itself that way you have everything you need in one spot. The best way to test out different furniture arrangements is to draw and cut out some templates using the same ¼ inch scale. If you plan to purchase new bedroom furniture you’ll want to ask for the manufacturer’s spec. sheet which will have the exact dimensions of each piece. Guessing the size of your furniture is never wise. The best advice I can give you when drawing your teen room design floor plan and playing around with your individual pieces of furniture is to create a focal point. In other words, start with your largest piece of furniture first. In most cases, this would be your bed. The focal point of a room is always the first thing that draws your attention when you walk in. So what teen room design element will anchor the space in your room? Where you locate and how you accent your focal piece will have a huge impact on the overall look of your teen room.

For instance carefully selected bed coverings and throw pillows can really bring the colors in your teen room together. When creating a teen room design floor plan you want to make sure you have enough space around each piece of bedroom furniture. This is extremely important if you wish to incorporate elements like under-the-bed storage bins that roll out. If you can’t fully access your teen room storage area what’s the point of having it in the first place?. Your teen room design floor plan should also include the location of vents, heating or air conditioning units, phone jacks and all electrical switches and outlets.

It’s also wise to leave a distance of 6 inches between bedroom furniture and any heating and air-conditioning units. Finally, if you’ll be purchasing new bedroom furniture it’s a good idea that your teen bedroom design floor plan details both your present and future needs. Having some idea of how your floor plan can be adapted as your tastes change will solve a lot of furniture and storage problems down the road.


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