Country Bathroom Vanities – Country bathroom vanities are a great add on to a country home design. If you’re one of those homeowners who are going for a full country home design, it’s great to include the bathroom into the overall home design.

Most country designs use wood as the major material for furniture, decorations and other interior design elements. It’s one of the best materials that remind us of the country side. Also, it creates a minimalist living space. It’s a good way to make an atmosphere in the house that is warm and welcoming while showing a very simplistic character.

Country Bathroom Vanities

Because most country bathroom vanities are made of wood, you’ll need to incorporate the proper maintenance technique to prolong their life. One option you can have is to install a top on the vanity. This could either be glass or marble top but the main idea is to keep it protected from constant exposure to water. While applying a cloth on top can help, it doesn’t repel water and in fact absorbs water which makes the wooden top exposed to water longer.

Some apply a protective coating or varnish on the vanity which can help prolong the wood life of the bathroom vanity. However, this needs to be re-applied after some time. If you choose to show the natural wood grain of the country bathroom vanity, you can do so. As long as your sink is separated from the vanity, it’s fine.

But if you have a built in sink with the vanity, that’ll be a problem. Maintenance will be difficult and you’ll have to constantly wipe the top to keep it dry. Even then you can’t completely remove the moisture out since water seeps into wood. In time you’ll find brittle and damaged wood if you don’t protect your country bathroom vanities properly.

Country Bathroom Vanities