Bathroom Decorating – Bathroom decorating isn’t as hard as you may think and creating the warm and nostalgic allure of the Tuscan decorating style in your bathroom could be easy if you know which accessories, furniture and colors to include. Here are a few pointers on how you can provide the feeling of the Italian countryside in your bathroom.

Adopt earthtones and warm colors for your Tuscany style bathroom. Be sure to set aside some paint cards which match your color scheme. Take the cards with you when purchasing accessories and you won’t have to guess if the item will match.

Bathroom Decorating

Artwork and accessories add atmosphere even in the bathroom and you can use toiletry holders as well as hampers, towel racks and towels to add to your Tuscan decor. Stick to a simple, country style with painted or distressed pine furniture. Taking the time to choose the proper accessories will add to the overall look and since there isn’t much room for furniture in the bathroom, accessories are really important!

If you can fit a few pieces in the bathroom try using time worn furniture and Italian accessories which will add flavor to the room. The windows, walls and flooring are key to the design as well. Window treatments for the Tuscan decorating style should be plain and unobtrusive or they can be elegant and regal. You could think about decorating your windows with plain wooden shutters, rich sheers or even old world style curtains. Don’t forget to buy a matching shower curtain to pull the look together. Once you have your windows decorated, you might find the walls are drab in contrast. To remedy this, try hanging old world paintings in ornate frames or you might consider faux painting on the wall to make it look like old aged plaster.

Lighting is another vital element in bathroom decorating. Bathrooms are better off with recessed lighting in order to adequately perform tasks. Pick lighting that is of an antique or rustic style to add appeal to the Tuscan decorating style design style.

While you might not think too much about it, but flooring plays a critical role in your interior design style so adding bath mats to your Tuscan style bathroom can really enhance it’s appearance. The style of flooring you should have the warm and nostalgic style of Tuscany by using organic style rugs or mats which should be in earthtones.

The final decorative touches give your room an an interesting ambiance so consider enhancing your Tuscan home decor with dried Italian peppers hanging in strings on the walls or Majolica Pottery plates in decorative plate racks. In addition to earthenware jugs, painted tole trays, and alabaster or marble pieces to make the most of your design approach. To soften up the look, think about including elegant towels rolled up “spa style” as well as various greenery and plants.

Bathroom decorating doesn’t have to be hard and you can get a great Tuscan look if you have a decent plan before you start. Simply purchase the pieces on your plan and put them in place – your room with have the feeling of the Italian countryside in no time!

Bathroom Decorating

Help! I want to make some changes to my bathroom decor, but where do I start?

Changing your bathroom decor may seem daunting, but it’s just a matter of taking simple steps.

Bathroom Decor – You might be thinking you’re stuck with that 1960s pink shower and matching toilet seat – not the most appealing bathroom decor in the world. Luckily, you’re really aren’t stuck and for most jobs in the bathroom, you can dot it yourself. But I’ll be honest, there are lots of elements to consider for a bathroom decorating project. To start, there’s bathroom floors, vanity counter tops, bath fixtures, hardware, bathroom lighting fixtures.There are even accessories are part of the equation.

Bathroom Decor

I know that seems like a lot of things to think about, but when you break it down, it’s not difficult at all. That’s right, changing your bathroom decor is easy once you know the three basic steps. It’s a little project management skills, but when you put it all down on paper and not as daunting as you thing. And, of course, in the end you’ll have a beautiful new bathroom. Now isn’t that worth it.

Step 1: Decide on a Bathroom Decor Design

First, you should know something about the available styles before you head off to your local home improvement center, credit card in hand. Take just a moment to review some of the more popular bathroom decor ideas before you go crazy buying bathroom fixtures.

  • Country – Casual, airy, distressed furniture, antique accessories.
  • Modern – Clean lines, high-tech lighting, neutral colors.
  • Art Deco – Geometric patterns, bold colors, vintage fixtures.
  • Spa – Neutral colors, natural elements, soothing accents.

Fortunately, you don’t have to make all the decisions alone. For inspiration, tune in to home improvement shows or browse through interior design books and magazines. Look at all the bathroom fixtures and bathroom accessories and how they are used together. Save pictures of elements you’re particularly drawn to. Chances are your clips will reflect a trend that fits into one of the above bathroom decor styles. If your choices are a mixed bag feel free to use an eclectic approach. Mix and match your bathroom fixtures and accessories but use a common theme like color or material.

Step 2: Anchor Bathroom Decor with the Right Bathroom Fixtures

Now that you’ve chosen a bathroom design, you’re probably itching to buy new fixtures and bathroom hardware to start decorating. Not yet. First, you’ll need to know which fixtures to buy. Do some more research to find out what types of fixtures will suit your bathroom decor best. Look at colors, lines, and overall styles of pieces. Don’t forget to read over any maintenance requirements like cleaning and polishing.

Step 3: Bring Bath Decor to Life with Bath Accessories

One last thing before going shopping — make a list of the bathroom accessories you want. Looking at all the products in the store can be overwhelming unless you go prepared. Take those clippings you saved to the store with you. It will make it easier to choose the right colors and textures for your bathroom decor when the time comes – like a nice set of bamboo soap dishes for your spa bath. The right bathroom accessories will bring the room to life.

Armed with the information you need, it’s finally time to go shopping! Most important to remember is not to get caught up in all the “rules” of decorating. If you see a piece you love but it doesn’t quite fit your theme think about ways you can incorporate it anyway. This is your bathroom decor and every part should be a reflection of you. Now, have fun and get started!

Sometimes coming up with the right bathroom design is a matter of inspiration! It might be an idea that you see in a home remodeling magazine or something a unique fixture you come across while browsing the Internet. This mirrored vessel sink has to be one of the greatest inspiration pieces I’ve come across in a long time. It screams GLAMOR!!! With it’s beveled mirror veneer and silver trim, this mirrored vessel sink looks like some you see 1930s and 40s starlet standing in front of. A clear glass vessel sink sits atop a marble counter. A faucet also comes with this sink combo so there’s no deciding what what matches — the hard work of bathroom decor is already done for you.

Bathroom Decor