Boy Bedroom Theme Ideas – I am looking for some creative boy bedroom ideas for my active teenage son. Do you have any teen bedroom theme ideas that would be appropriate?

When it comes to boy bedroom ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Creating a teen bedroom theme is easy once you’ve taken your son’s interests and personality into account and then made sure you’ve put a mature spin on it.

Boy Bedroom Theme Ideas

To help get you started here are a few boy bedroom theme ideas as well as some general decorating tips that will hopefully inspire some thoughts of your own:


Many male teenagers love the camouflage look. If your son is one of them salute the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines by creating a camouflage teen bedroom theme supported by desert colors on the walls, coordinated bedding, window treatments and area rug.

Wilderness camp

If your son loves camping and the great outdoors consider a wilderness camp teen bedroom theme. Use wallpaper borders or stencils which feature bears, moose, or fish.

Plaid window treatments and flannel bedding and accessories like old fishing rods and nets hung on your son’s walls support the rustic theme and help bring the look of this boy bedroom together.

Consider also log or pine beds, a shadow box of fishing lures, and photos of outdoor adventures in frames decorated in natural materials like pine cones, sticks and leaves.

A mural that depicts a wilderness theme would also be a nice complement to this teen bedroom theme.

All sports

What teenager doesn’t love sports? Depending on your son’s preferences you could go with a contemporary or vintage sports teen bedroom theme.

A teen boy bedroom with a sports theme is easily accomplished by searching out sporting equipment from thrift shops and auctions and using a comforter or duvet cover which features things like classic baseball uniform pinstripes or basic colors like tan, hunter green, burgundy and dark blue.

You can also use old T-shirts featuring logos from favorite teams to make throw pillows. Old fashioned felt pennants, a collection of used sports equipment, a display shelf of trophies and framed vintage team photos are some great boy bedroom accessory ideas.

Other boy bedroom decor ideas for teens include:

  • A collage of sports trading cards and ticket stubs.
  • Displaying game balls in a net above your son’s bed.
  • Placing a throw or blanket in your teen’s favorite team colors at the foot of his bed or on an occasional chair.
  • A basketball net hung over a laundry hamper.
  • Hanging favorite ball caps on an old painted ladder is a great boy bedroom idea whether or not your son’s room features a sports theme.
  • A curtain rod with tennis or baseball finials.
  • Using a traditional ‘school’ locker (available in specialty catalogs) as a durable bedside bookshelf.

Boy Bedroom Theme Ideas