Some people may think that curved tufted sectional should be applied for modern living room. However, applying curved sofa is really making a small living room is looked so luxury. Moreover, with perfect position of the curved sofa, other interior furnishings are looked more enchanting.

For the position itself, curved sofa is really looked so luxury if it is placed against room divider. Moreover, by placing it against the room divider, the square fireplace is looked so compact along with adorable design of the curved sofa. In addition, curved tufted sectional that is being applied as main furniture for the house is so perfect along with modern furnishings of the modern house.

curved tufted sectional

Indeed, some authentic ornaments, such as human sculptures, porcelain furnishings are looked so adorable being put neatly on the wooden shelves. Since the curved sofa is placed facing the square fireplace, the interior of the modern house is looked so enchanting. Open ceiling design that is applied as main ceiling design of this modern house is indeed so creative idea because the sun light is perfectly embossing finest light to the curved sofa.

Main wall cover that is installed covering the wooden floor is also looked so enchanting made from authentic material. Moreover, the wall cover is designed in white color so that the wooden floor is looked more authentic. Some secondary lamp installation of the house is also looked so compact because it is installed on hidden panel in vault ceiling model.

Since the living room has small space that cannot be applied by other modern furnishings. By positioning the curved sofa in suitable position, the small living room is looked more adorable. Briefly, for another solution dealing with small space, the curved tufted sectional can be an alternative solution instead of renovating the small living room into modern living room.

curved tufted sectional