Bird Feeders Platform – The bird feeders platform will make your garden looks more beautiful. They can be also your love implementation to your lovely birds. Who does not like the birds’ sound every morning; give you a fun atmosphere before go work. You can enjoy the alluring sound while drink your coffee at terrace or read your daily newspaper.

If you want more; the sound and look, you have to read these reviews below. The first idea of bird feeders platformis create the form of star, circle or other shapes you like. The equipment that you need is many seed, cookies molds, and glue.

The first step you have to do is add some water into the gelatin then mix them. Let it for a minute until cool and you can sprinkle the seeds there. The next step is to fill the cookies molds with glue with the mix of seeds, water and gelatin. Use colorful twine to hang those seeds on the trees. Let the birds enjoy the seeds while you can enjoy the beautiful look of the design. You can also consider there beautiful bowl and plate. The first thing you do is create a hole in the center of bowl and plate.

Hang the bowl at the bottom for the seeds storage also a plate on the top as the umbrella for birds that will protect them from the heat of sun or strong wind. If you want simpler way, you can try to apply some bottles to be alluring feeders. The things that you need are transparent bottles, wooden spoons and some wires to hang them on the trees. You have to make to holes for each side of bottles then place the wooden spoons there.

When you fill the bottle with seeds, they can come out to the spoon. Hang on the trees and your birds will love the design so much. Try to make some plansof bird feeders platformto beautify your garden beside give happiness for your beautiful birds.