Wooden Floor Texture – For sure, you have found the pictures of elegant home design and you may be amazed with its wooden floor texture. Each person has his own personal taste. Yea, elegant style can be relative. One person may think that this is elegant home but the other may think that it is not. So, it depends. Then the question rising in your mind will be, are there any specific characteristics of elegant home?

Now, let us see an inspirational elegant home and you can give your own values towards this elegant residence. The house which is completed by n232 is the modern home with simply elegant home designs with the wooden floor texture. The house is highly modern in its design.

The house looks very simple and clean. The house feels cozy and fresh. This spacious modern home consists of two zones. The first zone is used for apartment living and the rest is used actually wooden volume. The wooden volume part has versatile design and also structure. What does it mean by wooden volume? We have to talk more about this. Is there any relationship between wooden material and elegant interior design?. Well, the house is actually featured by the use of wooden material. Here, you can see the existence of woods which are then combined with the other modern furniture. The public space in this home like in the living room, dining room, modern kitchen, small pantry, bathroom, and also guest rooms are all featured by the extensive use of wooden materials.

The wood can be found in the flooring and wall. Here you can see wooden floor and wooden wall. Not all the wall is made of wood but only some part of the wall that is featured by wood. The wooden element is then combined with black and white room design. Here is also all black furniture and white room interior design.

The black and white room which is combined with wood can really create elegant impression to the room. Does this elegant design inspiration which applies the wooden floor textureattract your attention?