For those who design interior living room in rectangular interior, leather sectional sofa can be an option to make the living room is looked so glamor. In addition, made from leather material, the sofa is so compact along with additional decoration for the rectangular living room.

Usually, for a rectangular living room, instead of only applying the modern furniture, such as leather sofa, other furnishings are also being applied. Those additional furnishings are wooden shelves, glass drawer, and many others. In addition, since the interior floor of the house is designed by applying by walnut wood, the interior of rectangular living room is totally eccentric. Indeed, with leather sectional sofa being applied as main furniture for the rectangular living room, the interior becomes so adorable.

leather sectional sofa

Made from authentic material that is black leather, the sofa is so glamor since it has glossy layered. The glossy layer itself is made from chemical substances that make the leather sofa has long last usage. For the lamp installation, chandelier desk lamp is also really perfect because it embosses perfect light. With chandelier desk lamp is applied on the glass drawer, indeed, the rectangular living room is totally enchanting.

Soft color that is dominating the interior of the rectangular living room is indeed so glamor because it embosses classy nuance. Indeed, for the main ceiling plan of the rectangular living room, resin wood is the most suitable material to be applied as main ceiling bars.

Instead of having authentic pattern, the resin wood is really looked so glamor along with hanging round chandelier as main lamp installation. Indeed, the chandelier desk lamp that is applied on the glass drawer is only used as secondary lamp system. Briefly, for a rectangular living room, leather sectional sofa is another option for main living room furniture.

leather sectional sofa