Small Sectional Living Room Designed in Colorful Model for Interior

If you have already built small living room for your house, small sectional living room can be the perfect solution for the interior design. Instead of applying modern sofa, this sofa is really compact to be applied for the small living room. In addition, with compact color, the sofa is looked so marvelous along with conventional decoration of the small living room.

Applied in a small living room, the colorful sofa is so marvelous because other furniture is made from authentic material. In this case, cedar wood is chosen as main material for the interior furniture. In addition, striped rug that is being installed as main furniture for the floor cover is really suitable for the interior decoration of the small house. Indeed, the small sectional living room looks so marvelous being applied along with conventional decoration.

Small Sectional Living Room

Red flowers that are planted on the glass vase are indeed making the interior decoration of the small living room becomes so living. Since the sofa is designed by applying colorful concept, indeed, the small living room is looked so marvelous along with simple design of other furniture. For the window shutter, floral curtain is the most suitable one because the window shutter is so small. In addition, floral pattern is so suitable for the square window because it has compact design.

Main floor installation that is made from wooden material is also making the interior becomes more authentic. Since the interior of the living room has no adequate space, applying the furniture in precisely model is also necessary.

For a small living room, combination of conventional furniture and modern design is needed so that the interior is not looked so left behind. In addition, dominated by white color for the interior wall, the colorful sofa is looked so marvelous. Hence, for the small living room, small sectional living room is the most compact furniture for interior.

Small Sectional Living Room

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