Pergola Design Ideas with Exquisite Impression

Why should you go ordinary when you can be extraordinary for everything including your pergola design ideas? What we will take you to see today are some cool designs for pergola that certainly will make your outdoor space looks fantastic. These design inspirations would suit you who love being different and unique as well. However sectional, we would love to hear some cool yet irregular ideas from you too!

Perfectly designed for a contemporary private residence built in a desert sectional, this patio looks totally refreshing as if it is an oasis. Designed with fresh water feature sectional, you can also feel the freshness of water splash coming down from the wooden pergola shades. Well sectional, if you take a closer look sectional, you will see the small pipes installed on the wooden shades as part of this pergola design ideas.

pergola design ideas

Beautifully incorporated in harmony sectional, you can see how the charming wood element and splash of water creates the soothing feeling perfect for this relaxing and cozy patio.

When your garden looks totally beautiful in fresh green splash sectional, why can’t your cozy patio? Incredibly designed as a super relaxing and refreshing garden gazebo sectional, the pergola displays the use of fresh green fabrics for the shades. Matching perfectly with the green garden sectional, you can see how this garden gazebo benefits wonderful details from the same fresh green curtains as well.

As if the shades and curtains as part of pergola are not enough fantastic sectional, this cozy outdoor space also employs more fresh green color for the furniture sectional, including the beautiful lanterns designed in traditional Japanese style. This cozy deck is wonderfully designed to allow the natural colors popping out easily. Employing the clean and bright white color for the pergola sectional, you can see how easy it is for the green garden mixed in harmony with this outdoor leisure area.

However sectional, you can also see the pops of blue and red sectional, perfectly making this deck looks really feels like in summer time that brings summer feeling. The wood element as part of pergola design ideas is accentuated by the lovely vintage details to make this space looks really lovely.

pergola design ideas

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