Hutches Beyond the Kitchen

Hutches Beyond the Kitchen Hutches are most often used to display fine china and silverware. Their tall construction with shelves in their upper portions suits them well for this purpose. The shelves may be open or encased in glass allowing the display. The lower part is often equipped with doors thus providing you with a storage area for items you’d rather leave unseen. When used for this purpose, hutches are seen either in the dining room or in the kitchen.

They are, however, neither limited to displaying china nor staying in the kitchen or dining room. They can actually be used to display anything you want, and you can place them anywhere you want.
Like their other buffet furniture cousins, the buffet cabinets and buffet tables, they can be used to display your knickknacks and bric-a-brac. Framed photographs, figurines, car or airplane models, objects d’art, or some other memento from your past can be exhibited on the shelves.

Hutches Beyond the Kitchen

They can also be used as a wine rack or a bar. This is especially true if your hutch comes with a table top wide enough for pouring the wine or whiskey. The closed bottom portion can also be used to hold a few umbrellas, jackets, or raincoats. This could be useful if you have to leave in a hurry while it’s raining. Hutches can also be the perfect repositories for your car and house keys. You can place a decorative dish on one of the shelves and drop those keys in it as soon as you get in the house.
Hutches can hold and store different things, thus it can also be set up in different places depending on the things you want to keep in them. If you use it primarily for china and other kitchen stuff, the natural place for it is either the kitchen or the dining room. If your displays are mostly your souvenirs, you can put the furniture in the living room. There is nothing, however, to stop you from keeping it in the kitchen though.

The kitchen is fast becoming the favorite place for family and friends to gather and so there is nothing wrong with keeping your figurines and mementos in there. As a bar, it can still stay in the kitchen or dining room, but it can also be moved to your living room or entertainment area. The entry hall can also be a great place for hutches especially if they hold your keys and umbrellas. Your collection can be displayed in the exposed shelves, the keys on the table top, and the umbrellas in the closed cabinets.

Hutches Beyond the Kitchen

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