High Ceiling Living Room Design Ideas

high ceiling living room – Having the high ceiling living room with design ideas in our house will require more than one dose of creativity but endless. Decorating or designing the room that has tall walls along with high ceiling is somewhat demanding when compare with several small room size. The most expert will take the same approaches by using the photography principle by splitting the wall into three equal part that this process help acquire the best success result at the end of designing the living room.

The first part mostly for the paneling while the second is for the painting decoration, and the third will be in natural display. Needless to say that when designing the living room has wide possibilities where it is all about the creativity process after all.

Taking back the third approaches that we have for the high ceiling living room with design ideas – the furniture is the stuff that will enhance the focal point. However, there are plenty ornaments and home decoration that we can use to get more accent for the focal point. By maximizing by using the height dimensional factors – we can fill in the blank wall into some artistic ambiance. For instance, we can add the large paintings right on the emptiest wall area or we may use a lot of graphical art and some statue on the corner of the wall.

Moreover, we also can careful in choosing the colors that we prefer based on our condition for the living room. However, the main idea is to know whether we want to accentuate the wall, or we want to emphasize the decoration first and wall the second. Above all the mentioned factors that we need to work on for the high ceiling living room with design ideas – the primary thing is the lighting aspects.

In some condition, there is no need to spend more budget for the lighting fixtures, although we can use the budget a little bit more. Lighting in all cases will give the room a bold statement and to fill in the wide space on the ceiling as well as function as a lighting – using the chandelier will be the best decision.


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