Cork Art Projects for Beautiful Decorative Interior Ornaments

Cork Art Project– Here you will find some admirable cork art projects that will make you amazed. On the creative hands, the cork will be more valuable and has a high taste of art. Follow us to get some ideas. The first project is stamps from cork. All you need are bold pen, cutter, and of course cork. You have to draw the motive or shape you want on the cork, for example a shape of heart, draw it with the bold pen then cut the cork with the cutter or knife follow the motive.

If you have got the shape, dip it on the ink, it can be black or other color such as blue, red or other colors you want. Now you have your own stamp, it will be useful if you want to create your own design.

It is cheap and easy, you can make it at home. The second of these cork art projects is holders from cork. You just need cutter and prepare some cards or pictures that you want to attach. Slice lengthwise the cork horizontally or vertically. Attach your card or family pictures then put them on your desk. It will decorate your room beautifully moreover always remind you to your family. It will be so nice.

The next project is trivet from cork. All you need is collect some corks then arrange and merge them into one bigger. Use super glue to help make it durable. You can use it to put your hot pot after cooked so it will reduce the heat damage the table. The incredible design will also decorate your lovely kitchen.

There are so many ideas that you can try such as mini planter, key chain and others. Use your creativity and get more from so many items that you never noticed before, for example those cork art projects above.

Gallery for Cork Art Projects for Beautiful Decorative Interior Ornaments