Paint Colors Happy – Having the fiery red to welcome the liveliness of life can be a good way to get a start on approaching the paint colors that make you happy. Since the cheery Christmas is getting closer, then we might want to absorb the excitement earlier than most people do. It is great thinking to use those colors that have festive appeal in it. From the psychological idea, the colors and shades that we use for our space can impact to our happiness at the deepest level.

Anything that we put in our subconscious mind will transform into our daily life for sure, and it is a natural idea that we will share it with any guest and acquaintance that will come to our house.

Colors that are calm in its identities has been the first decision to use when we have our house or apartment that reside in the capital city where it is a crowd area neighborhood. For that taste, light blue, light green, and all the colors that have lightness can be part of that idea. An escaping way towards any monotonous daily life activity cycle has been the foremost thing that homeowners needs in a big city. However, the needs may differ to the suburb area where people tend to want energetic in their atmosphere. Of course, our feeling about colors is often personal and dated back to the life experience and culture as well. Therefore, speaking of colors has always been a subjective to everyone taste independently.

The first option for energetic colors will be the creamy red colors that have softness. This color can create an uplifting and warmth as if we are in the spring season with plenty flower is blossoming. Bright colors can be the paint colors that make you happy. Pink can be an eye-opening colors and in fact, the historical story once noted that there was a moment that called as “The Pink Effect.”

The effect creates us in a moment of remembering the past moment or the thinking of being grateful and joyful. The last one in this review will be the purple that this color has always been part of the symbol of wealth and royalty.

Paint Colors Gray – There will be once a moment that we can face the dead end of seeking the paint colors that match with gray. Before we heading to the unending probable of paint colors – we should understand our basic thinking as a human on defining colors. One day and some people might have experienced it earlier when we are in paralyzed mood because we get a different view of the colors we have chosen.

It can be that the gray color that we choose is not gray at all and this moment can be an earth shattering. That is why, when we see the colors in store – we might think that it will suit to our furniture and when back home we realize that the colors are not the one we want.

The right thing to do when hunting the color is to bring the colors group that we have in our space. By placing those colors side by side will reveal the true answer on the best match colors that can blend into our colors. The perfect balance composition on combining more colors to the gray is trying to use the Charcoal with Emerald Green and Teal at the same time in one space. All of that combination will present a sophisticated and richness including can brighten the whole outlook that just indescribable perfect. For this formula, we can use the creamy carpet colors to make the overall ambiance less crowded as that thing can be that way.

Another idea of universal paint colors that can work smoothly is the blending usage of Natural (very soft) gray colors with red and addition of orange to make a refreshment vibe. It gets easier when we use tile in our space flooring because this stuff has the perfect colors world that we need to enrich the paint colors that match with gray that we choose.

For this incredible privilege – we can try to combine Pink with Pale Gray Blue on the flooring and Charcoal on the walls. The primary point that happen in this combination is the pink colors because this color has an irreplaceable function. As the possibilities wide-opened – we can add orange to leave the gray less dominant.

Milk Paint Color Advice – Usually after a painting, you just color change items. Only the object painted with paint colors, milk paint itself has its own separate and independent existence.
As a result of the color of milk paint has its own personality, and often dry, and basically look the way you want it to appear. This one’s temperament, which is one of the beauty of this color of milk.

Temperature, humidity, moisture in the wood, but for a variety of wood ends can control how it looks. Even the water temperature used for the merger will not change the overall appearance.
This type of brush is used, foam, nylon or feathers can get through the show. Applied thickness, craze and crack my hair dryer to help it. Cement spacious earth colors used to paint everyone with a crystalline character. Red, blue and white, while the fat begins to rust rapid development with minimal work.

Milk Paint Color Advice

As you probably know, I really have a lot of fun with primary colors. It takes time to get used to, but it causes. In class, I was all ready enough to create some color and let the students apply the paint with his free hand. This ensures authentic look and no two are exactly as you want. With this cat, as some decorative techniques, it is important to allow the paint to do this and learn to “adapt to circumstances.”
Warning : the color of milk paint is all equal. Many of them as “very low-cost milk-colored latex paint formulations with some gravel thrown into the credit sale. Simply check the small print at will. Me one thing, such as” color such as dairy products “or” milk paint is valid. “real milk paint was the type of dust can ruin a day or two after mixing. Binder milk protein called casein is the color of milk interfere with ground limestone and painted with natural pigments, are mixed.

Milk Paint Color Advice


Room Look Bigger – One of the most abstract things is color because it has the power to create a believable illusion and plenty of us questioning what colors make a room look bigger than ever. The right color composition can transform all the small space into a larger, inviting and airy as well. Despite that the possibilities are wide open – let we just gather the brief and best colors scheme that can revitalize our room into the larger size (at least from the optical illusion and nuance).

The first one is the White with Accents that this formula is versatile that can go everything without having to afraid of crashing it. With using this idea, we can, for instance, create white and black stripes, use the cobalt blue, or emerald green, and plenty more.

The second attempt will be to use the Citrus Tones and for this the specify color is subtle shade of lemon, pale, soft banana, and the famous creamy yellow. The third formula that we can try is to adapt the Sea Shades that some colors that are light greens, light blues has always been serving a soothing atmosphere that naturally enlarge the room. The appropriate selection will be the sea foam green because this color works well with any colors such as white, blue, pink and plenty diverse colors. When we have our lovely rugs – the blue color can be a sweet ornamentation that also has a versatility that automatically enlarge the room.

To complement that thing, we should maintain our window treatment in the natural colors to have extra space atmosphere. The last option (in current viewpoint) is to use Pretty Pastels that has a feminine appeal which the traits of pastel hues to making the space larger than it was. Furniture is also some of the things that we should care about, such as the cabinets, because we can use it to answer our previous question that what colors make a room look bigger than before.

Either we manipulate it to become the focal point, or we can hide it as the ornament towards any theme and idea that we prefer. Using furniture that has the mirror is also the best since all people know that mirror works to reflect the room as if it is bigger than the real size.

Swiss coffee paint color – The Swiss coffee paint color is a color that has a definition as a cool with a little bit complex color characteristic that work effortlessly to any room with different color. In other words, this colors is powerful and an easy solution to make a change of all our space areas. There are various shades that this color has and some of them such as Sunup where this one has a soft with clear yellow that is welcoming in many ways.

The perfect color combination for the Sunup will be for white, apple green, blues and pink as well. Another shade that correspond to the Swiss is the White Pepper. This shade will please us with its classic, crisp and cool vibe that suit to the beach loft or a tropical house theme. If our current interior color has colors of gold, white, blue and green – this will match it perfectly.

It has been in every major discussion that human eyes can perceive in an average of 3 million colors, and some highly sensitive people can view 7 million colors. If we are in a fan of contemporary theme or concept, then this color will help us by providing integration with the furniture. In choosing the color, some people prefer to story-minded that introduce of movement and changes from one room to another room. That kind of idea will serve plenty ambiances as if we are having a lot of fresh air throughout the whole space.

Some expert and home designer name this theme in several categories such as whimsy, drama, dialogue, and passion. Indeed, that we can consider this color is very philosophical compared with any colors that we encounter in the average home. All of the shades that the Swiss coffee paint color has by various people has been part of a magical color that will transform any space into a delectable area to spend longer on a daily basis.

The relaxing personality that entail in this color has been the addiction factors for some people that live in a crowded city that seek for a calming nuance inside of their home. Trying to collaborate this color with some “brave” colors such as red will make a perfect balance.

Combinations with Blue – Soothing nuance is the most sought-after atmosphere that homeowners are dying to get from having the paint color combinations with blue. Maybe, and indeed, there is a plenty discussion of using the blue colors as the core idea that become the fundamental of colors. If, for instance, we have not think that the blue palette as the perfect colors for any of our space then we must try it soon.

There are plenty shades of blue that can work with different colors – whether orange to bring out the youth theme or any colors. The shades of blue span widely from deep navy to the soft one as pale unusual blue type – It is a sure thing that blue shades will suit our taste best.

The reason for the soothing ambiance is the most-wanted vibe that people want is because homeowners want to make a peaceful retreat that can be totally different from the monotonous world they have. In some traditional space, the deeper we use the blue colors then, the stronger nuance that we can get. However, using only blue or maybe two tone colors is seemingly normal. As long as we are creative, we can use the third colors such as green to add some unique flavor of course. One thing we should remind ourselves is that deep shade do not have to be in sorrow or hollow or gloomy atmosphere, and that is why when the colors tend to be dark – we need the third colors. In other words, the thirds colors function to mute the strong character of the deep shade we use.

For a romantic bedroom area, we can try the combination of blue-grey or the lavender with gray as its undertones. What a plenty idea that is waiting for us isn’t?. The case might head upside down when we already have the paint color combinations with blue that part of the bright colors. If this is our situation, then we should try on using the mid-heavy colors such as brown to make all the colors portion that we use in balance.

Even our ego need have some checking for the balance – do we use all the colors wisely or do we already represent the theme that we visualize in our head. The answers should be easy.

Chalkboard Paint – I can’t think of anything that would make kids happier then having an entire wall in their bedroom to draw on, and that’s without getting into trouble of course. With chalkboard paint it’s easy to transform an entire wall, door or any other smooth surface into a chalkboard for your child to have fun and create their own artwork on.

Decorating a kids bedroom with chalkboard paint will create a functional chalkboard that’s erasable, washable and durable.

How to use chalkboard paint

First of all choose a surface or wall which you want to paint. This doesn’t have to be an entire wall, it could be a small section of a wall or door.

  1. Clean the surface completely and repair any imperfections.
  2. Tape off  the area to be painted.
  3. Paint the area with a layer of dark tinted primer.
  4. Next paint on a layer of chalkboard paint.
  5. Let the paint dry for 48 hours, then cover the entire surface with chalk using a large stick turned on its side. Rub the chalk into the surface and then wipe it off to seal the chalkboard. By doing this you allow whatever is written or drawn on the surface to be completely erased  leaving no marks so the kids can use it over and over again.
  6. Hints
  • To clean and erase the chalkboard use a clean damp cloth or paper towel.
  • Only use light colored chalk designed for use on chalkboards for the best effect and to make it easier to erase as these leave no residue.
  • Color

Did you know that chalkboard paint doesn’t have to be black? There are many great colored chalkboard paints on the market like pink, blue, green and yellow to suit any kids bedroom theme or decor.


  • Create a masterpiece by framing your chalkboard or add a colorful painted border.
  • Attach a ledge at the bottom of the chalkboard painted section to hold chalk
  • A great idea for a teenager is to paint a chalkboard calender with squares for dates. This is a fun way for your teen to keep up with projects and to update their schedule whenever they like.
  • Of course chalkboard paint can be used  beyond your walls and you could paint furniture, flower pots or storage boxes for a kids bedroom.

Creating an fun and interacting bedroom is easy, decorating a kids bedroom with chalkboard paint will give your child or teen the pleasure to create something new over and over again.

Hallway Color Paint – It must be true that people will find various kinds of challenge when they want to get the house which is suitable with their need and expectation. They have to work hard for buying the house and they of course have to work hard for designing and decorating their home. Simple thing such as color choice will play very important role for changing the look in every room in the house.

Every room surely will need special attention for making sure that it can play its role properly without ignoring the beauty and comfort. People also need to pay attention greatly to the hallway decoration.


It is crucial for choosing the right hall colour combination if people do not want to make the hallway which looks ugly and creepy. Although hallway will be the area in the house where people will pass by, they have to make sure that it is decorated properly because it can influence the whole home decoration. Different type of hallway will need different treatment including the choice of color combination. If people have the hallway which is long and narrow without any window, people have to play the color right for lightening it up. The ceiling of the hallway can be covered with the glossy or lacquer paint which is also used for the wall.

The floor should have the light color with colorful rug placing. Different color choice can be found if people have the wide hallway. People can choose the warm or cold tone for the hallway. They can also use the neutral color for wide hallway. If the hallway comes with high ceiling, people will find it challenging for painting the ceiling.

Dark color can be chosen for visually dropping the ceiling. People can also choose yellow color for creating the creative hallway which is full of fun.


Kid Room Furniture –  I just turned 13. I’ve been looking at furniture for teen rooms but it’s not in our budget. Do you have any ideas on how to make my kid room furniture more grown up without spending a lot of money?. Now you’re a teen, it’s important you have a bedroom that reflects a more mature you. It’s easy to give your kid room furniture a new lease on life without having to spend a fortune.

One of my favorite ways to makeover kid room furniture involves your home computer, a scanner, some clip art or photos, a high quality printer, some specialty computer paper, and little do-it-yourself effort. With these simple tools you can update not only your old kid room furniture but give your entire teen room a fresh new look.

Now if your parents would rather you pass along your old kid room furniture to a younger sibling you could check out flea markets and second hand shops for some great previously owned bedroom furniture bargains. Before you start deciding what kind of images you want on your teen room furniture talk to your parents and see how they feel about you painting or refinishing the furniture first. Sometimes a little paint and decoration is all that’s needed to transform old dressers and desks into trendy teen bedroom furniture that will be the envy of your friends. Once you and your parents have decided whether or not you’ll be altering the finish on your kid room furniture, you can either start searching the Internet for an image that works well your teen room theme or you can simply scan a favorite photo or print. If your teen room doesn’t have a particular theme you can use your selected image to inspire one. The image itself can be as simple as a close-up of butterfly or a flower. Another option would be to use clip art or scan something like the cover of a favorite book or the saying on a T-shirt. Now adjust the image to the size you want and print it on adhesive paper.

Next, carefully cut the image out and peel off the backing. Apply the image to dresser tops, drawer fronts, chair seats etc. While I don’t suggest you go too crazy and apply the same image everywhere, you may want to either select different sizes of the same image or a similar one, and use it on your walls or to decorate picture frame. Done carefully this technique can really bring the theme of your teen room together nicely. One word of caution – less is more.

It’s a good idea to give some thought as to where you want to place your images before you actually peel off the backing and apply them. Instead use sticky tack and do a test run by placing the images where you think you may like them. To preserve the look of your newly decorated teen room furniture apply a protective finish like a water-based, latex urethane.