High Peak Ceilings – There is a stylish loft that using the concept of Scandinavian loft with high peak ceilings in the Odenplan Square in Stockholm, Sweden. The building is a spacious building, so the loft of this building also a spacious loft. The designers are using this spacious space to make stylish and modern designs for the loft. But they didn’t use the regular concept of the modern and stylish designs, they using Scandinavian design.

From that picture, we can see the different between regular loft and this loft. This loft has stylish design in white color and it has high peak ceilings than the other lofts. We can also see that the design for the Scandinavian loft is mainly using white color.

The designers are placing the rooms such as living room, dining room, and kitchen in one area. Without using the walls, this area will look more spacious. The living room has elegant white sofas combined with red carpet and some wood chairs. There is a modern fire place that attached in the wall and billiard board near the living room. The dining room was placed near the kitchen. Both have stylish design in white color. The kitchen appliances are in modern design. The dining room has a big circle stones table and three high chairs with flat surface shape. This house has three bedrooms and two bathrooms that have different feeling in each room.

The bedrooms are using white bed and simple decorations for the bedrooms. And the other one is using flower pattern bed and simple decorations. The two bathrooms are using different design. The first bathroom is using elegant design with white color and some stone walls. This bathroom also has a laundry room in its place.

Meanwhile, the other bathroom is using bold red and black colors as the walls colors. Even though this loft is mainly in white color, but life in this Scandinavian loft with the high peak ceilings is the best option for small family or single living house.

Trendy Color Combos Brown and Plum – Eνеrу year, nеw colors become trendy іn thе interior design world. One year іt mау bе pink, thе next іt’s turquoise, thе year аftеr thаt іt’s orange. One οf thіѕ year’s trendy color combinations іѕ thе pairing οf warm, chocolatey brown аnd elegant plum purple. Thеѕе two colors саn bе used іn nearly еνеrу room οf thе home аnd саn bе included іn kitchen designs, bathroom designs, bedroom designs аnd beyond.

Brown аnd plum аrе particularly easy colors tο work wіth. Tο ѕtаrt, whatever room уου аrе designing, thе furniture οr cabinetry саn bе done іn warm wood tones. Fοr example, іn living room designs, thе coffee table, side tables аnd media center mау аll bе done up іn deep ebony wood tones οr іn dаrk, warm walnut tones.

Trendy Color Combos Brown and Plum

Thе walls саn thеn bе painted a shade οf plum. Hοwеνеr, plum саn bе overwhelming ѕіnсе іt іѕ such a dаrk, luxurious color. Sο іt’s реrfесtlу acceptable tο pair thіѕ hue wіth a shade a few hues lighter аnd υѕе thе plum аѕ аn accent wall color instead.

On a side note, bесаυѕе thе furniture fοr thіѕ color combination іѕ іn neutral shades, уου’ll find thаt whеn plum іѕ out аnd a nеw color comes іn, іt’s easy tο update wіth a fresh coat οf paint. Gοοd interior design іѕ always versatile аnd thіѕ color combination іѕ nο exception.

Fοr wall decor, floral prints аrе perfect fοr accenting thіѕ color combination. Oil paintings οf violets, calla lilies οr lavender аrе аll perfect options. Yου саn аlѕο pair thіѕ color combination easily wіth οthеr botanical prints.

It іѕ nοt out οf thе qυеѕtіοn tο add іn a third color tο thіѕ color scheme. Green іѕ a perfect сhοісе. Gοοd decorating іdеаѕ, whether thеу bе decorating іdеаѕ fοr living rooms οr bedroom decorating іdеаѕ, always include versatility. Deep, rich greens οr even light hues οf green work реrfесtlу alongside thіѕ color combination.

Othеr color option tο add іntο thе space сουld bе light shades οf linen. Remember, plum аnd brown аrе both rich, deep colors аnd thеу саn easily become overwhelming. Pairing аn accent wall іn еіthеr hue wіth linen colored walls іѕ always recommended, аѕ thеѕе shades саn mаkе thе room feel dаrk. Hοwеνеr, уου саn аlѕο pair linen colored accessories wіth thе room, such аѕ curtains аnd upholstery, tο hеlр keep thе space light аnd airy without taking away frοm thе overall color scheme οf thе room.

Trendy Color Combos Brown and Plum

Formal Living Room Sets Decoration – www.overstock.com

Formal Living Room Set – The living room creates a lasting impression for all who enter. The mood of living room sets should reflect the personal taste of the owner. The living room can be arranged in different ways. For some people, this space is formal and perfect all the time, which will be included and used only when guests come to call.

Some homeowner often uses formal living room sets decoration. Traditionally, the panel lay on the couch which is flanked by two end tables. It is often trimmed formal with window treatments with luxury fabrics and peripheral cue.


pink chaise lounge – When we have such a small area, what we might need the best is the pink chaise lounge as our tools to throw a delectable ambiance for the living room space. Even if we have an adequate space size in our house – we still need a space saving mindset. By having this wise mindset – it allows us to make some best decision.

Whether for the decorative details, paint color, or the placement – all those tiny details can work out best with that thinking. This furniture has been on the great demand for some of the homeowners in well-developed countries. The reason is that it is part of the furniture that compatible to any space size.

We can add some sweet details for our living room also by placing some small tables on the side of this seating. Usually, when the homeowners want to create some wider ambiance – they add some transparent furniture right inside of the living room section. The reflection that the mentioned seating and glass furniture typecan give are so much enriching vibe than not use the glass type one. Luckily, the colors of this seating furniture are wide open, and that is why, it allows us to mix and match with any colors that already exist in our space. For more stunning look, we can add some rug in the center of the living room to sweeten the ambiance as well as to create some focal point.

By most interior designers and experts, this particular seating furniture has the power to open up the room, and that is because of the backless characteristic that this furniture has. As most of the beautiful things work that this pink chaise lounge works the same. When we misplace something, even the stuff is beautiful – the result is a terrible outlook.

This seating form has no power to fragment the space, and that is why we should try to use this furniture to refresh our space. When we already have the pink as the seating, then we need to compartmentalize the decent color for the wall and all the rest of furniture inside of our space. It is common sense that when the walls colors blend well with the seating then space opens up.

Model Sofa Set – I want to tell you some information about Basic Model Sofa Set Images. A sofa will turn your house into a more comfortable one. You need this furniture especially to be used in the living room. I never seen a house which has no sofa inside based on Basic Model Sofa Set Images Information.

The sofas nowadays are coming from very much of variants and shapes which make you confuse to choose. And there are also much of different color combinations of a Basic Model Sofa Set Images.

Some of you may think that it is a creative and a unique idea. But some of you will think that this kind of design may be too overwhelming to be used in your living room. Some people agree that a usual theme of a Basic Model Sofa Set Images can be great, they are only using a standard look. With the outlook that is simple and has the function to give comfortability feeling is just enough. There are pretty much of basic model of sofa set images.

As you can see in the site, there are complete packs of sofa based on Basic Model Sofa Set Images Review. The complete pack of sofa consists of one large sofa, and 2 medium sized sofas. The sofa pack later arranged a from of a U shape. The U shape also can be used for 3 small sofas. And you will get a more spacious look in the living room by applying this formation.

This formation is actually the best for this complete package, as the center of this sofa can be added a table to enjoy your food and drink there of a Basic Model Sofa Set Images.

Contemporary Grey Sectional Sofa – What come across on your mind when we are talking about living room design ideas with a contemporary grey sectional sofa ? Living room is the crucial part in home. Here, you will welcome your guests. That is why you should decorate your living room as beautiful as possible. Talking about living room, you must think about the choice of furniture.

Living room furniture will include the modular sofa, coffee table, floor lamp, rug, and also throw pillows. Here we have prepared some tips for you to decorate your living room. Here,, we have both spacious and small living room design ideas which apply the contemporary grey sectional sofa.

If we refer to the modern home interior design, you may think of having neutral living room or the living room which is colored in neutral hues like white, grey, or black colors. The neutral colors like the combination of white and grey colors can bring modern and luxurious impression to the room. Besides that, the use of the colors can create spacious impression to the room so that they can be best colors for your small living room. But, don’t you think that it will be boring if we only have white and grey color? Don’t you think that it is not attractive enough when you have only grey sectional sofa with white throw pillows, glass coffee table, and neutral rug? Well, now, we have brilliant ideas for you. How about adding the splash of powerful color in your living room? And the color can be added is vivid purple color.

Yea, purple actually can be blended with white and grey colors. Where should it be put? Instead of having white modular sofa, it will be attractive if you put grey sofa with grey and purple throw pillows on it. Then you can combine with purple leather armchairs there. For the windows treatment, you can use thin white drapery. It will create dramatic impression in your room.

If you want to go bold, you can try to use purple wallpaper then you can combined with purple sofa and throw pillows. There are so many creative ideas of decorating room actually. Well, having modern living room design ideas with the contemporary grey sectional sofa is not always about white.

Living Room Beam Classic interior touch that is had by modern house can be created well through modifying room space by using living room beam design. This design concept is developed well in Living Rooms with Beams project which modern living room style will be able to look classic to be decorated by using beam style. Stone and wooden style can be used well to decorate living room so it will be able to have classic appearance.

For instance modern living designed by using wooden beam concept will be able to look more natural, classic and exotic. Brown color feature is used well to design living room. It is done to create suitable design concept applied with beam feature that is used well to decorate living room.

Style of living room beam design actually becomes special modification that will be able to modify interior space classically and artistically. Traditional wooden feature that is used well to design ceiling construction actually will be able to create traditional interior appearance. It will look more exotic to be added with stone fireplace mantel design. Classic interior sofa design is also used perfectly to decorate living room in this project. It is created by applying brown color feature to decorate and modify the interior sofa. Brown classic sofa style will create perfect interior modification that looks so special to be combined with brown bench model that is used well to design living room table.

Rounded traditional table actually looks so exotic to modify classic living room with traditional living room tone. In addition, house interior floor is also modified in dark color feature that looks so exotic. Wooden dark color feature is used well to design interior floor exotically.

Actually it will create exotic natural interior decoration that will design interior space perfectly. It will look more exotic to be added with traditional wooden pole design used well to design house interior. Concept of living room beam design actually will design living room exotically.

Double Recliner Sofa Covers – www.bhg.com

Recliner sofa covers is made in order to adjust to the exact measurements of your furniture, so it can be a great way to give your seat to see the new look appears again.

Recliner Sofa Covers offers a way to hide upholstery worn favorite couch, at the same time change the entire look of the room, one set Recliner Sofa Covers can have a beneficial impact on the mood of your home, and if made properly should stand up to years of use, extending the life of your chair. Recliner sofa covers can be made from a large selection of fabrics.


Black Living Room Chair Covers – www.houzz.com

Living room chair covers can protect the chair and give each chair with a longer life span. When the cover is worn it can be replaced with another cover, rather than buy a new chair altogether. The beauty of your chair is determined from you with these living room chair covers and not your wallet.

The ease of living room chair covers replacement is part of the beauty. You do not need to hire a driver, feared about where the furniture will be in the room or if whether the chair is comfortable because you already know what you have.

Beach Themed Living Rooms Design – https://www.pinterest.com

Beach themed living rooms are relatively easy theme, with many of the components being things you can take at the local beach. Sea shells, driftwood and sand all the materials which are free of change, provided you have a beach very close to you. If you are stranded on the sea but more items can also be purchased at the arts and crafts of local shop.

Another key to beach themed living rooms is to include a lot of lighting. You want the atmosphere of the living room sunny and warm, like a summer day. You must make every effort to keep warm, the temperature toasty, because this will all contribute in beach themed living room.



White Floating Shelves – If you looking for modern apartment design with the modern white floating shelves maybe this example can appear your inspiration. Halo Architekci was created a trendy apartment in Poznan, Poland. Commonly, an apartment only has a limited space for the owner. The designers always have a challenge to make a comfortable living even in short area.

All white decorations are a good choice to make space larger. In addition, light oak floors bring something warm and natural around the apartment. Let’s see the simple modern apartment design room by room.

First of all, the living room offers simplicity with simple furniture. A unique pendant looks so stylish above the cream couch and low wood table. Two painting in black and white colors sit on the floors. Maybe the owner didn’t have an idea yet where is the best place to hang both of pictures. The modern white floating shelves are stand against the wall carefully. It was contain some books, photo frame and storage. Each room is divided by folded doors. Next, you can move to the dining space and kitchen in black and white interior design. Large black carpets were covering the wood floors. White kitchen cabinets look clean and delight above the silver glass splash back.

Again, a creative pendant is hanging above the small dinner table. Brick walls in white painted give different elements in the whole rooms. This room is also use to put a simple hanging cloth for his and her. White floating basins mounted on the wall underneath the square mirror in minimalist bathroom. Gray headboards are a nice color option beside shade of white.

The work tables were placed near the window, so when the owner doing their job they also can see the world outside in the same time. This modern simple bedroom design with the modern white floating shelves is good for urban people or for you that really love simple lifestyle.

Dark Grey Modern – Concept of house interior that has a natural concept can be combined perfectly with style of interior that applying gothic apartment decorso it will look more stylish and elegant in its appearance because of the dark grey modern sofa. This house concept had been developed well by Home DSGN to be applied successfully in a project of Invader Apartment in Hong Kong by OneByNine.

Stylish and natural decoration of house design had been applied perfectly in this project to create a special impression of house concept. Design and style of house interior that had been made in a gothic theme will look more interested to be combined with natural theme of interior decoration.

For instance, design of house interior that had been modified by using dark interior furniture will look more interested to be combined with design of interior furniture that had been modified by using wooden material with soft and natural color design. It is such a concept of Victorian gothic home deco with the dark grey modern sofa that can be applied perfectly. In addition, design and style of interior wall in this project is also made stylistically by applying black color design that had been combined with soft white color design to create a modern and interested interior concept in this project.

Black and white color design can combine perfectly which both of them can be categorized into neutral color so it will be so suitable to be combined together to design stylish house interior. Living room space in this project had been modified by applying modern gray sofa that had been combined with natural wooden desk that had been made in a simple style.

Actually it will create a special impression in this project. Transparent motif of wooden desk that is combined with unique wooden chair placed in living room will complete gothic interior decorating with dark grey modern sofato be more interested in its application.

Super Comfortable Rug  Comfortable house living that has minimalist design style with a super comfortable rug will be more stunning in its decoration model by maximizing concept of stunning home realty that is applied contemporarily. It is reflected well in Stylish New Home that is located in Singapore. Bright interior appearance is developed perfectly in this project.

It is created by applying white color theme combined with bright wooden interior wall construction. White interior ceiling model will be able to make interior space to look so bright and comfortable. It will look more perfect to be completed with white ceiling fan design.

Simple ceiling fan design actually is as a part of minimalist interior decoration that is applied perfectly in this project. It will be special concept of house of homes realty that will decorate interior brightly and contemporarily. The super comfortable rug is also used well to decorate house interior which it looks so interesting to be applied in a long rug style. Simple elegant television display that is used well to design minimalist living room will also create minimalist room concept. LED television design looks so interesting and elegant to be applied well on wooden interior wall that has modern and bright wooden feature. Comfortable single sofa with stylish sofa model will design living room stylistically and artistically.

It is decorated well by using brown color feature. Large sliding door design is decorated well by using glass material construction. It is as a special living room modification that is done to get modern and comfortable living space. Large balcony space that is modified exotically by using wooden floor design will be able to make living design to be more perfect.

Striped wooden construction is used well to design balcony floor. All of them become strategies to create houses to homes real estate that has minimalist impression and modern concept style with the super comfortable rug for elegant living space interior.

Purple Living Room Set Decor – www.walmart.com

Purple living room set is very stylish and fashionable in the living room where purple is applied as the dominant color. Hence, the living room set can make the living room look elegant and stylish.

A variety of colors as well as combinations can be used to achieve a real luxurious colors and elegant. But the end result is more than convincing: living room look luxurious and modern. By having purple living room set, you can give the living room look luxurious, rich and fun. It is a good option to living room to maintain a positive feeling about the living room.


Beautiful Living Rooms – They say the heart of every home/ house is beautiful living rooms. A living room is a quarter where the family and friends gather to share and catch up with memorable moments in life. This is also the place your guests are welcomed upon arrival.
With all said and done, there are many functions of a living room. Your living room should therefore give a relaxing and inviting look.

Great Top Secrets of Decorating your Beautiful Living Rooms

The interior design of your beautiful living rooms is very crucial since this is the main focal position of your home. A gorgeous looking living room will definitely tell much your entire homestead.

Beautiful Living Rooms

However, decorating your rooms can be very demanding and tricky as there the scope of things to work on is very big.

  • Be selective

You do not have to fill your beautiful living rooms with so much stuff. Be very wise and choosy when deciding on the decorative accessories to use. Get rid off any unnecessary things that may make your look congested.

Select on your focal position wisely. Basically, a focal point may be a thing or an area that draw attention of many. It can be a beautiful couch, fireplace, wall art.

  • Color

The choice of your interior décor color scheme depends primarily on the size, shape of the beautiful living rooms and your preference. Unlike other rooms in your house whose designing is a personal thing, the interior décor of a living room should contain various options and design.
Good wall paints add provides your living room with warmth, character and personality. Well, here are some simple tips for you.

Give your beautiful living rooms a relaxing and warm appealing look by painting it with a soft color like beiges, off white.

You can also use light shades of blue, green if your room looks smaller.

Select your paint according to color scheme your floor, living room furniture sets, soft furnishing. For instance, you may consider using orange or maybe black for a jazzy and classic touch.

How to Create Beautiful Living Rooms on your Budget

Most people do dream big about their home’s interior décor. But this may never come to reality considering the high cost of life. However, the good thing is that you can think of customizing/ redecorating your beautiful living rooms for a new sophisticated look. Think of,

  • Create spacious rooms
  • All you need to do is cleaning off all unwanted items. You need to understand that the less congested your rooms are, the more the room to display your accessories.
  • Get a good arrangement for your living room furniture sets. Consider placing the pieces close to walls; it creates some pathways.
  • A mirror

It is a hidden treasure that can work wonders but often ignored. A large mirror has the reflection ability that gives your beautiful living rooms an illusion of being larger.

Beautiful Living Rooms

Orange Sofa Living Room – If you are planning for decorating the living room, Decorating With an Orange Sofa could be an interesting idea. Sofa is the most important furniture in any seating area, including the living room. Every decor and furniture that we place on the living room will draw the attention of anyone who visited our home, so we do not want to choose furniture that is wrong. In terms of selecting a sofa, not just the comfort that we need to consider, but also the stunning color and design.

In determining the theme of the room, especially the living room, we should think carefully about choosing colors that will be used, because of the different colors will bring a different impression and atmosphere as well.

Furthermore, each color has its own meaning. Living Room Decorating With an Orange Sofa will make the room looks brighter and life. Orange also shows the warmth, enthusiasm, and friendship which are very good impression to be present in the living room. Splash of orange will give a very strong impact and striking in the room, and bring a cheerful mood.

Orange sofa that has a strong impression must be balanced with neutral colors in their placement in the living room. combine neutral colors such as white or pastels on the walls of the living room with orange couch so that the room does not look too crowded, or you can also choose to paint the walls a contrasting color such as blue with the lighter tone of the color of the sofa.

Orange sofa will also appear very attractive in the living room with the all-white interior ranging from ceiling to floor.

Living Room Design Ideas – Considering that an early age I’ve been consumed with interior decoration. Whether it be turning my nation home into the best house, or observing modern-day trends in lighting and design. Some individuals discover it difficult to satisfy brand-new individuals who share their enthusiasm for interior decoration, I understand my good friends aren’t all as passionate as I am! There are a variety of web sites and publications that will certainly assist however i believed I ‘d compose a fast guide of my leading ideas for developing an effective indoor area

Why anybody can be an indoor designer

Many individuals get flustered and believe that interior decoration can just be performed well by an expert, I state that’s total rubbish! And expert indoor designers wont thank me for stating so! Then you are more than well geared up to turn your home into an unique inviting house that can be totally individual to you, if you can see and you value gorgeous interiors. After all, no person understands much better than you what type of environment you’ll delight in residing in than you!

Living Room Design Ideas

My Top Tips

Lets take the major room of your home – the living-room. Follow these great living room design ideas:

  1. A fireplace is in my viewpoint an outright must. It never ever heads out of fashion and produces a lovely centerpiece of any room.
  2. Fairy Lights. Lighting is commonly too ignored. And though many people concur, they rarely act to support their recognition. Fairy lights offer a warm cosy spray of light which improve any living area wonderfully be it modern or conventional.
  3. Warm coloured tosses and materials. Attempt and consist of some patterned tosses, like red and cream tartan for a warm delicious appearance. Or taupe and cream for a more advanced touch. Fabrics are a necessary consider making a l living room feel warm and welcoming.
  4. Candle lights. Candle lights of varying sizes and shapes, aromatic or otherwise produce outstanding state of mind lighting, specifically in an amusing area such as the living-room. Never ever ignore how vital these little fellas can be!
  5. Glazed coffee table, A coffee table is an essential part of any living-room design. And my tip is to make use of a woody one with glass panels to reflect light. When a fire or candle lights are lit, glass integrated into furnishings where possible refracts and reflects light around the room and includes to a beautiful environment particularly.
  6. Lastly attempt to utilize a huge mirror, ideally above the fireplace, and attempt to match the other products made use of in the room, like wood or a gilded surface, or possibly stone.

Living Room Design Ideas

Best Wall Units for Living Rooms – www.decoist.com

Wall Units for Living RoomsWall unit has come into general use relatively recently in the late twentieth century.  Usually this furniture is made up of several separate pieces attached to the wall.  Wall units vary widely in style; there are many modern and traditional styles you can choose.  One of the modern wall units for living rooms is available in various furniture stores and on the Internet.

It certainly fit in with your home decor adorn the room where it is installed. It is often made blocks of different types of wood, such as cherry,  oak or maple.

Remodel Living Room – Living is considered as the main room in a house after bedroom. It is a place to get together with the family or just to spend time alone. Since the function of living room is vital, you can remodel your living room in order to get the right feel from it. There are some basic areas you have to consider for the flow of the room. You can see the ideas for your room remodeling in the following account.

Firstly, you have to make sure that your choice will work t your room remodeling. There are some important things you have to consider such as the paint, the furniture, and the flooring. Whatever option you choose, make sure that the color will work with the style.

Remodel Living Room

Remodeling a room always deals with the feel you want to get from your room. If you prefer the formal feel, you can go for the hardwood floor for the flooring. If you want your living room to be a fun room for your kids, you can go for thickly padded carpets for the flooring so that they can be comfortable in it.

After deciding the right flooring, you need to decide the wall. There are some other factors which you need to take into account such as the fireplace, the baseboard, or the crown molding if any. Consider all attributes for your wall which can go with your remodeling. Accent the molding by painting it against the color of the wall. Then, finish your wall by hanging the paintings or tapestries onto the right place.

After making sure that your wall and flooring compliment each other, you have to focus on your furniture. You have to choose the furniture which can work best for your living room. Pick the furniture accordingly. In addition, you have to place the piece of the furniture in the right way so that it does not block the traffic flow in your living room.

The last thing you have to consider is the accessories for finishing your room remodeling. For the windows, you have to select windows treatment which is able to go with the style of your room. In addition, the hinges and the handles of the door should also match the color of your room.

Remodel Living Room

Fantastic Pink Living Room Couch – Get your perfect interior decoration ideas with using a perfect furniture inside of the house and get its own shade in the living area of your house, decorate with something different like the pink living room couch can give another experience in your interior design with some of the woman touch represent through this pink color that become a symbol for woman character in this home decoration. Bring the pink color concept into this living room couch sets as the main furniture in this home decor.

Pink Living Room Couch in Modern Living Room Decor

Look at this picture, using the modern decoration ideas of the interior decoration it would bring a lot of possibilities and the flexibilities that you can get from this modern set on your living room inside of the house. Bring the woman’s color and create your pink living room couch with the contemporary accent of the furniture inside of the home decor. This would be such a nice living room couch ideas with a little touch from woman in your family member.

Fantastic Pink Living Room Couch

The modern ideas of the house give another fantastic experience in the interior part of the home decoration, this can be such a nice thing that you can create your living space in this house get more alive with the perfect choice of the modern performance of the home decor. This pink living room couch can be such as the common decoration that people like to put inside of the house.

Pink Living  Room Couch for Stylish Interior

Designing your interior decoration is not always about the design ideas that you use in your home decoration ideas, it can be the details in your home setting through the furniture that you use inside. With this nice couch style you will get the ultimate decoration setting in your home design with the stylish pink living room couch.

There will be a lot of culture style that you can use as your house design themes or maybe as the design ideas with the nice decoration details to show the character of the building design, one of them is the Thailand ornamental design with the character of the Thailand culture that really can make your house performance look really nice. This is a wonderful theme that you can use to make it as your design goal in your home decoration setting, you can also make it as your Thai garden design in your home setting.

Thailand Ornamental Design in Classic Decoration

Look at this picture, there are a lot of consequences using a culture themes that have a strong character with many traditional way to make it as your best ethnic decoration ideas in your home design. You can find challenging decoration ideas with this Thailand ornamental design that will bring so many kindnesses in your house part with the classic decoration of the Thailand ways and complete also with the nice design of the Thai furniture that looks really nice in your home decor.

This can be a fantastic decoration style, looking the tradition of people who live in Thailand and bring the strong shade of the Thailand ornamental design culture with all the aspect into the details duplicate with the right home decoration from the local people that lives in that place. Bring all the Thailand experiment in your home decoration and make it with the strong classic decoration ideas.

Thailand Ornamental Design with Thailand Classic Engraving

In the old decoration ideas, engraving become a symbol of one of the kind of the decoration style that like to put in the house. In traditional house in Thailand there are also some of the engraving patterns that represent the art decoration of the Thailand ornamental design.

Fantastic Pink Living Room Couch

Wall Lamp Design – We have talk too much about modern interior with wall lamp design. You may have remember all the points should be considered in modern living room. We have talk about the best modern room decorating ideas, the best modern furniture, and the best combination of color schemes that can be parts of modern interior.

But, have we talked more about the lighting ideas? Well, if we haven’t, now, it is time for us to talk about it. Can you guess what lighting is best to liven up modern interior? Let us check it out. Here, we have modern interior design ideas especially for the lighting.

If we talk about the lighting solution for modern room design, you may think that the best lighting should be the stylish crystal chandeliers, wall lamp design, Scandinavian pendant lamps, bulb pendant lamps, and so on. Yeah, you are exactly right. They can be best lighting ideas for modern room because of their luxury. They can be very stunning floating in your modern living room or in your dining area. But have you ever thought about having wall lamps before? Can it make something different in your room?. Well, wall lamp is one of the best lighting ideas for your living room. Through vertical wash, you can choose your living room will be more dramatic.

Now, where should the wall lighting be put for making it becoming the focal point in your room but it can still be functional for creating light effect in your interior? The mounted lighting on the wall can be put around you large LCD TV or the other best place for it is around your contemporary fireplace. You can put mounted lighting on the two sides of the fireplace and it can give impact to the entire room.

Now, you have the other choice of having lighting solution. In modern interior, anything can be stunning. It depends on how you manage the rooms. Would you comment on this interior design ideas which apply the wall lamp design after reading this article?

Wooden Floors Tiles – There are a lot of residential complex that using the same design for all houses in the complex such as the wooden floors tiles. From the exterior design until the interior design are using the same design. The Santa Caterina Residential Complex in Verona, Veneto, northern Italy also using the same concept with other complexes. Usually, the houses in the complex are using natural color such as white or grey colors.

But, the designers from Alberto Apostoli are using more colors in this complex. Look at the picture! Those are houses from the Santa Caterina complex. Each house has same building design, same garden, and same furniture.

From the outside, we can see the exterior wall design is using light brown, white, and light green colors. Each house has a small grass garden and no gates. This is the residential complex with colorful design and wooden floors tiles.  There are white stones paths that connecting a house with other houses and other place in this complex such as the main garden and the complex gates. The houses are two level houses. The first level is the main living area and the second level is the private area. The first level is contains living room, kitchen, and dining room. In this level, they are using wooden floors tiles, grey poles, and white ceilings and walls.

The living room has white sofas and white table. The walls in this room are bold red color. The dining room nd the kitchen are in the same area. The dining room has unique long chairs and glass dining table. The walls in here are in grey color. The second floor is contains bedrooms and bathrooms. The main bedroom is using many colors such as light yellow, dark green, white, and wooden colors. All of those colors are classic colors.

There is interesting lightning system in the bedroom so the lights could appear from all holes in this room. Living in residential complex which applies the wooden floors tileswill gives new color in your life.

Formal Living Room Furniture – To anyone who loves and enjoys formal living room furniture it can be a stark contract to a modern design style that utilizes minimal accessories as accents. If this resonates with you then perhaps you will also concur with the aesthetics of formal living room furniture cannot easily be compared to today’s functionality found with modern furniture.

In contrast, formal living room furniture appears that it is ideal and offers perfect furniture suitable for any museum mansion. Believe it or not, houses have been built as well as decorated with this classic style and design. For this reason, formal living room furniture can not be considered to be rare, for the fashionable, or a popular trend for this decade.

Formal Living Room Furniture

Instead is timeless. It is a concept that has survived generations past and will probably continue to do so for many more generations to come. It can be considered by many to be the cherished furniture from generations that were infatuated with colonial history, or the French design and style from the highest courts.

Formal living room furniture has changed the appearance of many quaint living room sets by adding unique style, grandeur, and personality. Although many can consider this to be one of the most perfect furniture types suited for the ultra-rich, for snobs, and the elite of society, it can also be superior in contemporary recreational rooms as well.

Formal living room furniture will also include assorted cupboards, chests, desks, cabinets, benches, and tables. It can also include sofas and armchairs. Many times the option of choosing a bar stool is set along with formal living room furniture online as found traditionally.

Many different boxes, pedestals, tables, jewelry armoire, and etageres along with mirrors come in a similar style and design. Many pieces from this antique furniture can have wood with unique finishes and with one-of-a-kind carvings and engraved elements. These are not easy to find a match that has the entire atmosphere and theme of just any room.

The aspect that is most important when selecting formal living room furniture would be to respect the origin and period style with these details: historic period, construction materials, colors, and fabric texture. This is especially difficult to perfectly match with the rest of the style of the entire room.

Drapes found in a living room must match perfectly with the style that compliments formal living room furniture in curving detail. Even more attention is needed for flowers and vases placed in such rooms. These settings will not usually allow simple flowers that come from the wild or a field.
They require classic roses that have vibrant colors along with rare orchids. This final step will transform any so-called formal living room into a style with an original and pleasant setting surrounded by many unique accessories from the period.

All formal living room furniture will change one’s perception of times past, as well as the furniture and style. This will definitely influence your concept and add a certain amount of nostalgic emotions regarding the previous epochs of old. For this reason formal living room furniture will always remain popular, and endure the test of time.

Formal Living Room Furniture

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Small living room chairs – Will the room be used to entertain guests often? Or is living room occupied mainly by families? Plan the small living room chairs on the number of expected visitors and will most of the time in the room.

If a living room is small, small living room chairs is an ideal choice because they have a larger living to size ratio, while loveseats take up more space in the room while providing a relatively small place for guests. When it’s time to have a party, the room looks like it was designed by a pro ample seating ids integrated in the design of a room instead of having to shuffle awkwardly metal folding chairs out of the closet.