Vintage Kids Bedroom – Vintage is definitely back, and lately we’ve seen the vintage style come through our kids bedrooms as well, from baby to teen. Vintage is a great way to decorate a kids bedroom, not only is it back in style, it is also a very cost effective way to give your kids bedroom a new look, as many items can be picked up in second hand stores or can be made yourself or purchased cheaply. We will give you some vintage kids bedroom ideas to get you started.

Remember to create a vintage look kids will love it’s important to get the balance between old and new in a room right. Vintage furniture could be combined with a modern theme in baby and toddler bedrooms. Teenage kids might carry the vintage look through the whole bedroom or choose a certain color to combine with the vintage look.

Vintage Kids Bedroom Ideas; Combine old with new

Second hand shops or sell & swap websites are great to find old pieces of furniture that can easily be turned into great pieces for a kids bedroom providing they are safe and sturdy to suit your child. An old dressers or bed could be sanded down and with some new paint make a wonderful centrepiece in a room.

 Vintage Kids Bedroom Ideas : Color

Vintage could be combined with any color, it doens’t necessarily have to be a calm or light color, many pieces can be combined with any color of your choice. Choose a main color for the room followed by an secondary and a accent color to keep the room coordinated.

Vintage Kids Bedroom Ideas : Decorate the walls

Be creative and decorate the walls with a vintage look, you will find many vintage patterns in wall paper, wall stencils or wall stickers to add to a wall.

Vintage Kids Bedroom Ideas : Bed linen and cushions in a vintage look

Try to find bed linen that suit your color scheme and with the vintage look you want to go for. Trow cushions will suit any vintage look and you could shop around or make some yourself with your chosen fabric. Bed spreads are another great way to add a vintage look to a room, especially ones with colorful patterns.

Vintage Kids Bedroom Ideas : Give old items a new life

There are lots of old items you could pick up for next to nothing from second hand stores or sell & swap website that could be turned into storage for your kids bedroom. Think about old baskets or suitcases, they are great to store toys and stuffed animals. And even items you might not think of as storage space could come in handy while giving the room a real vintage look.

Vintage Kids Bedroom Ideas : Make it yourself

There are some items you will be able to make yourself besides painting old furniture and sowing. These paper chandeliers look great and will definitely be an eye catcher in a vintage kids bedroom. You can purchase these through LOT 26 Studio in different colors and styles and put them together yourself. You could create your own wall art by framing pieces of fabric or old personal black and white photo’s.

Vintage Kids Bedroom Ideas : Accent items

Purchase accent items that are similar in color or in the same color theme of the room. Accent items could be lamps or or other objects that will be central in the room. We also love accent lighting, like this flower light string to add to a room and a romantic vintage feel.

Pick funky items to use as accent items that will suit the color of the room, don’t be afraid to experiment until you find the right balance and you could incorporate your own style into any kids bedroom with these vintage kids bedroom ideas.

Playful Rugs for Kids Rooms – The childhood phase is a moment for play, imagination while at the same time give the best fundamental education – this core idea should happen the same to the rugs for kid room idea. A powerful way to extend and to enliven the childhood into a lively of daily life is by integrating it with functional decoration. Some unpredictable items such as rugs can double up the playfulness of the whole space inside of the children room.

In the meantime, this items will provide rich motivation for them to learning anything excitingly without we do any plenty effort. As we can see that there are wide ranges of options that we can maximize from this items and choosing the best of it can be a hard one.

Have some reliable options over this stuff from various themes, motive, and size can be the crucial part, but we still maintaining the playful vibe as well. Moreover, a full consideration of the rug placement will anchor space, and the designated area surrounds it or, in other words, we can say that as a focal point. One of the best options that probably on the first rank among the rest options is the City Map children rug. This theme and concept have been around in the kiddo world design interior for years. Surprisingly, this theme is also the most favorite of all boys and girls kid among all of the options today.

When it comes to the size – we can choose wide ranges of sizes from 8-feet circles to 3-feet by 5 feet of rectangles and some in between. When we would like to emphasize more on the learning experience, then we can choose the Numbers and Letters theme. The level of the learning experience and the playfulness vibe of any rugs for kid rooms theme work at the most important level while at the same time should be in balance portion for both sides.

The integration between letters and numbers as well as a bright and positive colors composition will catch the children attention naturally and quickly. Some brief lineups for the colors such as a combination light blue, fresh green, red, and shiny yellow.

Colorful Toddler – Toddlers love bright colors, so why not use this in their bedroom. We’ve put together some colorful toddler bedroom ideas and tips your toddler will love.

Tip: Every room starts with planning so why not write down some ideas or join pinterest to create a board of your design inspiration.


When using lots of bold strong colors, choose an element or pattern to repeat to create a sharp look. For example in the image above, circles have the leading role and are repeated throughout the room on the bedding, walls, rug and artwork. They’ve also chosen white furniture to soften the bright colors.

This is another example of using bright colors in a toddler room, here they’ve chosen to use the decor such a bedding, blind and accessories to integrate bright colors into the room. The soft green walls combined with the white furniture gives this room a calm feel but still has lots of colorful fun elements in the room the brighten it up.

Tip: Get yourself some large colorful baskets you can fill with toys to add color to the room, or throw cushions in different prints and colors.


There is lots of colorful toddler furniture out there, from theme beds to little play tables and rugs. But alternatively you could look for good quality hand-me-downs or go to a secondhand store to find some pieces you could paint or decorate it by adding fun knobs to suit the room.

Tip: When choosing second hand furniture, always make sure the piece is sturdy, strong and doesn’t have sharp edges or corners. Also make sure the piece doesn’t have any lead paint and if you will paint the piece yourself always ask for toddler-friendly paint at your local home store.


Murals are great for toddler rooms. We love this rainbow, it brings color and a fun element to this toddler room. And you don’t have to be an artist to paint murals on a wall, you could purchase stencils which you stick on the wall and color in or you could get a picture from a coloring book or from the Internet and project this on the wall to replicate the image and then color it in.


A toddler’s bedroom is more then just a bedroom and of course there needs to be some space to play. Maybe you could turn one corner of the room into a little play area or if you don’t have the room invest some money in a big colorful rug for the room where you toddler can roll around and play.

Tip: Shelving is a great way to store soft toys and other items. For a fun effect paint the wall space behind the wall a different color to the rest of the wall as shown above.

Bedroom Colors– Paint is an easy and inexpensive way to give your kids bedroom a quick make-over, but before you get out the paint brush, did you know that there are certain kids bedroom colors that can impact your child’s mood ?

Even though most kids will have a favorite color, you might want to have a look at the impact of the color before using this as a primary color, and decide to to use it as an accent color instead.

The impact of colors

There are many colors that you can use to paint your kids bedroom. Off course we recommend you take your child’s favourite color in consideration, and all color described below will make a great choice as an accent color in your kids bedroom.


Red stands for strength, energy, confidence, and passion and is often used as a accent color in kids bedrooms for younger children. Red could be used very well as a primary color in a teenagers bedroom as this color promotes motivation and energy.


Orange is a warm and happy color and will make a room feel inviting and friendly. Orange make a good choice for kids bedrooms.


Yellow catches the eye like no other color and will lift peoples moods and, like sunshine is considered a optimistic color. This color will suit a teenagers bedroom as it increases concentration, but yellow will be too strong and actually cause anxiety in babies and young kids.


Blue is a very popular color for kids bedrooms, it is the color of the sky and ocean and has a calming effect. Blue represents peace, tranquility and relaxation.


Green is a dominant color in nature and is easy on the eye and is a calming and refreshing color that will sent your kids to sleep peacefully.


While many adults dislike this color, it is still very popular in little girls bedrooms as it is feminine and romantic


Pink is another popular color among little girls and unlike red is suited well for a baby room or younger kids as pink is actually one of the most calming colors.


Black is best to leave as an accent color, as this color can make a room appear smaller, dark and depressing.


White is very peaceful and can make a room appear bigger.

Combining colors

A neutral or white room will leave room to add your child’s favorite color as an accent while still creating a calm environment for them to sleep in.

And one easy way to help you to get the balance right is to use the 60-30-10 rule:

60-30-10 Rule

When you choose colors, try to stick to the 60-30-10 rule to keep the room balanced and not too overwhelming with color. This is how the 60-30-10 rule works:

  • 60% – dominant color in the room
  • 30% – secondary color in the room
  • 10% – accent color in the room

As you can see with the 60-30-10 rule, there is still plenty of opportunity to add colors, like blue-red-yellow to a toddler room, or use this rule to add different shade of the same color to room.

For baby rooms, colors in softer tones will make for a soothing and warm feel, while for teenagers, bright colors and patterns are more appealing. As your child will spent more time in their room then you will it is important to take your kids favourite color in consideration and you can’t go wrong!

So don’t forget, even though there are kids bedroom colors that can impact your child’s mood, the most important thing when it comes to choosing a kids bedroom color is to choose something that your little one is happy with.

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Scandinavian Kids Bedroom – Scandinavian kids bedrooms become increasingly popular, with the room centred around functionality, purity and simplicity. A Scandinavian room is not only great for kids, but also very suitable for a nursery or teen bedroom. Some of the basics of creating a Scandinavian kids bedroom are:


White walls and cool greys are definitely the basics for a Scandinavian room. The overall feel of the room is very calm and pure, but there is lots of opportunity to add color tot he room, for example in colorful textiles, accessories or lighting.


Wood is a very versatile material in a Scandinavian room, not only in wooden furniture but it could also be incorporate in cladding on the walls for texture and warmth.


A truly Scandinavian room has to be functional, so cut back on the accessories and look for multi functional peaces that not only look great but also could store items out of sight.

So now we know the basics, lets have a look at some Scandinavian kids bedroom ideas.

Scandinavian nursery complete with a very soft rug. As you can see it’s a very calm room with a little color incorporated. And of course it wouldn’t be hard to turn this into a toddler or tween room down the track with only a few alterations. We love this girls bedroom in typical Scandinavian style with wooden floors and white walls. As you can see here, it is easy to get some color into the room and still keep the room neutral and calm. This wooden desk looks great against the white wall and floorboards. You could easily make a desk like this yourself or hang up wooden shelving to store decorations, artwork or a light.

This boy’s room is very pure but still has a very masculine feel to it with the dark wooden bed, an old vegetable crate as bedside table and some very fun decorations on the wall. A teenage retreat that not only looks timeless but also is very practical. This is a very smart and modern Scandinavian teen bedroom with a fun green chair and black and white photo’s and sayings framed on the walls.

As we have shown you with these Scandinavian kids bedroom ideas, it is a timeless design that will suit a child of any age. If you look for a calm but still warm and functional bedroom for your son or daughter, with this Scandinavian style you can have all this and more.

Curtains Boys Bedroom – Your son might not be too fussed about the curtains in his bedroom but curtains are a big part of the room decor, and not only do they have to be practical but also suit the room and theme. Here are some tips and examples to choosing the right curtains for a boys bedroom.


If you child already has a theme or if you are decorating your child’s bedroom in a specific theme you could try and find curtains in that same theme. Keep in mind if your child is still young that his favourite theme might not last that long and if you update the decor of the room you will also have to update the curtains.

A great solution to finding curtains for a specific theme is to choose plain colored curtains and add a window valance with the chosen theme print on it. When you update the room all you will have to do is update the window valance without purchasing new curtains.


When choosing curtains take in consideration that when you close them, they will cover a big piece of the wall and therefore will have a big impact in the room. Choose a color that you have already used in the room as and accent color, this way the curtain will fit in nicely with your decor and won’t stand out too much.


The most important thing is to use a fabric that is suitable for the purpose. For most kids rooms block out curtains are ideal as they are made out of a thicker fabric and backing to block out the sun and keep the room nice and dark. When considering light or sheer curtains you might have to install roller blinds to keep out the light and of course for privacy reasons.

Curtain rods

Use funky curtain rods to spice up the room or to suit a themed room. There are lots of different curtain rods and accessories available to suit any room.

Tie backs

Tie backs are great in nursery rooms, if you choose to use a plain curtain to grow with your child you can decorate them with tie backs that look great in any nursery or toddlers bedroom. I love the plush animal tie back, they are so cute.

Country themed kids bedrooms – Where do you go for a relaxing holiday, somewhere to get away from the busy daily grind? Yes you go to the country,  so we thought why not use this theme in your kids bedroom or nursery?. Country themed kids bedrooms can still have all the modern cons but with a laid back and relaxing country feel to it. Combine soft colors, wooden fixtures and colorful fabrics and you can create a perfect balance that kids will love and can make their own.

Light and pale colors go really well in a country themed bedroom, they are calming when used as a primary color. Cream and sandy colors are great for walls, and go well with any accent color you may choose.

You could bring this accent color back in a bed spread, lamp shades, curtains and other accessories. We love this birch-post bed, but of course you don’t have to buy new furniture for a country feel. You be amazed what kind of furniture you can pick up at garage sales or second hand stores and with a little love and creativity they can be transformed into the perfect piece for your child’s bedroom. Always make sure that second hand furniture is safe for your child. As you can see, the colored furniture looks great in this country themed bedroom, a bit of paint can transform an old piece of furniture into a great piece for a any bedroom. No country themed bedroom is complete without a colorful bedspread and pillows.Especially for nursery you will be able to find lots of patchwork bedding sets. Lamp shades, photo frames and rugs are another way to add color and add to the country feel of the room.

Off course you could also make your own decorations, like write your child’s name in wooden letters on the wall, or decorate plain photo frames or a mirror with colorful fabric. Re-use items like old suitcases, not only do they ad to the country feel, they double as storage space for toys or blankets. Baskets and wooden boxes are also great to use, hang wooden boxes on the wall for a permanent display of teddy bears or other items.

You can have a relaxing bedroom for your kids without going out in the country and bring the country feel to their bedroom. A country themed kids bedroom can be very versatile and will suit from baby till teenager, we love the country theme and hopefully you will too.

Bedroom Christmas Decorations – It is the time of year to get the Christmas decorations out and start decorating our houses on the inside and even on the outside, but at the same time our kids bedrooms often do get forgotten. Christmas is such a special time of the year, and with just a few decorations we can bring a little Christmas cheer to our kids bedrooms as well.

Kids bedroom Christmas decorations don’t have to be expensive, just a couple of decorations can give a room a merry feel.

Christmas wall stickers

These wall stickers are great, they will stick to any smooth surface and are easily removed after Christmas without leaving any marks.

Mini Christmas tree

Christmas trees come in all sorts and sizes, but this is a tree for the little ones. This soft-sculpture tree has 24 hook ‘n loop ornaments that kids can stick on and pull off and move around. All pieces are machine washable and come in a gorgeous heirloom gift box.

Window decorations

Windows are great to decorate, you could use stickers, Christmas lights or ornaments. Snowflakes are always popular to hang in windows, but you will find decorations in  many different varieties.

Battery operated tea-lights

Off course you want to keep your kids safe, so real tea-lights or candles are not an option in a kids bedroom. Battery operated tea-lights look like real candles, they flicker like real candles, but they are so much easier and safer! No heat, no melted wax to clean up and no little fingers that can get burned.

Christmas lights

Christmas lights can be used anywhere in a bedroom to brighten up the room on those cold and dark December nights, and come in all different colors and shapes. We love the candy cane Christmas lights, but they are also available in gingerbread, stars and cupcakes.

Christmas bed set

If you do want to go all out for Christmas, then this is a great bed set featuring snowman and the traditional Christmas colors green and red.

Christmas lanterns

We love inexpensive lanterns, that come in different colors to brighten up the room, but now you can buy them with a Santa face, snowman or snowflake to fit right in with the jolly season.

We hope you have fun putting up your kids bedroom Christmas decorations and we wish you from all of us here at Kids Bedroom Decorating Ideas a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

toddler armchair – These days babies naturally fast on adding their age where the needs of the toddler armchair get higher than it was, and it makes us as parents in confusion on picking the right one. The natural habit is that once our baby finds their toddler then they ask for a clean one that can make them feeling good while eating. Even kids have the tendency or demands same as we as an adult where they would like a soothing relaxation moment.

From modern to classic themes of design are widely open where we the final goal is to serve their needs. Therefore, we should find the soft one on the seating but at the same time can protect them while they are there.

It is a good thing to bring our growing kids to the store where we can test them for the coziness level they want. We need to understand that not every toddler has always brought comfort and not every of them that is perfect in terms of the dimension. One of the primary clues to serve them best is that their feet should able to touch the floor when they sit on the seating. However, it is not necessary to have the version that can make them rest flat because that is not the function of this seating idea. We might question why their feet should touch the floor. The idea of that thing is that when they do not have any trouble when making moves, and they tend to be in safe condition. The seating is not for baby chair due to differences in the shape as well as the functionality.

The reason the toddler armchair is not the same as the baby chair is because this seating has a sophisticated design for kid age between ages of 18 months to four years old. Nonetheless, whenever we see something good – we still need to recheck the details functionality and the age recommendation on the fact sheet product information.

There are wide ranges of materials nowadays, and that is why choose it carefully. The main things are choose that will not give any accident or unsafe environment that can make them bruising.

Polka Dot themed Kids Bedrooms – Everyone loves polka dots, not only because it is a kids bedroom theme that has withstand the test of time, but also because it will suit children from any age, from baby to teenagers, boys and girls. We’ve got some great examples of polka dot themed kids bedrooms for any age group, and you will be glad to know that polka dot themed decorations are very easy to find and will suit any budget.

There are 2 ways to create a polka dot themed room

  1. You could choose to decorate the walls with polka dots, which will give the room an instant theme, and coordinate the color of the polka dots with the overall color and decor in the room.
  2. Or have a neutral background and find accessories with polka dots, such as bedding, curtains, rugs, lamp etc.


Polka dots are a great way to add color to a room without making it look too cluttering. Let your child choose their favourite colors or use one of the colors in different shades for a more calming effect. If you choose to decorate the wall with polka dots, then choose a soft tone as the main color to make the polka dots stand out and to prevent too many bright colors. Try to paint your own polka dots on the wall by using plates and other round object to draw the outline of the dots on the wall. Look for sample paint pots in you local hardware or paint store as you won’t need much paint for the dots and you will find lots of different colors to use for a bargain price.

Mix it up

To give a room depth, mix up the polka dots by using larger and smaller dots. There are no set rules while using polka dots so use as many or as little dots as you like in as many colors as you like. You could even mix the polka dots with a flower or other patterns in the same colors. We love this dots and daisies self-adhesive wall stencil kit, with which you can choose your own colors and paint you own patterns on the wall.


There are so many accessories available in a polka dot print, that you won’t have any trouble finding something of your liking. Look for accessories with polka dots in you chosen color scheme, or look for round or circular object that resemble polka dots, like these colorful and inexpensive round paper lamp shades which look great in this modern nursery.

Polka dots are a timeless theme, and will suit a baby room just as well as a teenage room. For a more grown up look use a neutral color on the walls and find accessories with polka dots in matching colors. We love polka dot themed kids bedrooms, no matter what age or gender. Once you start looking for polka dot accessories you will see them everywhere and are sure to find the right color for your kids bedroom.

Kids Bedroom Wall Decor – There are plenty of ways to decorate up the walls in a kids bedroom, like wall art or shelves. But we would like to show you some different fun and creative kids bedroom wall decor ideas to inspire you. This is a great project for a baby or toddler room. I’ts easy to create this artwork, all you need are 3 canvasses all the same size and some paint. You can choose the paint color to suit the room’s decor or theme.

Old pallets are so versatile and there are lots of fun things you can create with them. I love the use of this pallet and how they made it into shoe storage for a kids bedroom. Isn’t this a smart and fun way to add shelving on a wall in a kids room. It will look fantastic in a themed kids bedroom and you could even paint the skateboard in a color matching the room.

Wire wall planters make a cute wall display and storage options, as you can see they work really well in a nursery but can be used for lots of different purposes in kids bedrooms. You could pick up some old drawers from a second hand shop or find an old cupboard you can use the drawers out of. This is a fun idea and you could really personalise the drawers to suit the theme of the room. Spice up the drawers by adding funky knobs and colors, they will look great in a vintage girl room but if you got little ones hang them up high so little fingers can’t get to them. What child doesn’t love having their name on the wall in their room. You could easily create these string art name sign with a plank of wood, small nails and colored string. No doubt any child will love seeing this on his or her wall. Colored boxes on the wall will not only brighten up the room but double as storage for little toys or decorations.

You could use any kind of boxes that you like and fit in with the room. I like the ideas of printing a photo of your child’s favourite toy on a canvas, this will be great for a themed room or even for a teen bedroom with a black and white photo printed on canvas. Old photo frames are great to create a diy project for a girls room. You can use any size and shape frame, once you paint them in a bright color they will come up great against the light wall.

Choose black and white photo’s or print sayings or poems to put in the frames. This room was taken to the extreme with this cube wall. I love the color combination which makes the wall very interesting and off course it is a very practical wall with lots of room to store toys and books. Hopefully we inspired you with these kids bedroom wall decor ideas, and given you lots of  ideas on how to turn a wall into a fun piece of art.

Chalkboard Paint – I can’t think of anything that would make kids happier then having an entire wall in their bedroom to draw on, and that’s without getting into trouble of course. With chalkboard paint it’s easy to transform an entire wall, door or any other smooth surface into a chalkboard for your child to have fun and create their own artwork on.

Decorating a kids bedroom with chalkboard paint will create a functional chalkboard that’s erasable, washable and durable.

How to use chalkboard paint

First of all choose a surface or wall which you want to paint. This doesn’t have to be an entire wall, it could be a small section of a wall or door.

  1. Clean the surface completely and repair any imperfections.
  2. Tape off  the area to be painted.
  3. Paint the area with a layer of dark tinted primer.
  4. Next paint on a layer of chalkboard paint.
  5. Let the paint dry for 48 hours, then cover the entire surface with chalk using a large stick turned on its side. Rub the chalk into the surface and then wipe it off to seal the chalkboard. By doing this you allow whatever is written or drawn on the surface to be completely erased  leaving no marks so the kids can use it over and over again.
  6. Hints
  • To clean and erase the chalkboard use a clean damp cloth or paper towel.
  • Only use light colored chalk designed for use on chalkboards for the best effect and to make it easier to erase as these leave no residue.
  • Color

Did you know that chalkboard paint doesn’t have to be black? There are many great colored chalkboard paints on the market like pink, blue, green and yellow to suit any kids bedroom theme or decor.


  • Create a masterpiece by framing your chalkboard or add a colorful painted border.
  • Attach a ledge at the bottom of the chalkboard painted section to hold chalk
  • A great idea for a teenager is to paint a chalkboard calender with squares for dates. This is a fun way for your teen to keep up with projects and to update their schedule whenever they like.
  • Of course chalkboard paint can be used  beyond your walls and you could paint furniture, flower pots or storage boxes for a kids bedroom.

Creating an fun and interacting bedroom is easy, decorating a kids bedroom with chalkboard paint will give your child or teen the pleasure to create something new over and over again.