Green Outlook Landscape – Modern exterior design with green outlook landscape can be made simply by applying concept and design of green exterior detail. Actually it will be able to modify house exterior appearance to look so fresh and contemporary. This concept is used well to create modern exterior tone that has minimalist appearance. Green Exterior Tone project is developed well as a part of modern minimalist building concept that is built in a special impression.

Metal exterior construction looks so fresh to be modified by using soft green color feature. In addition, fresh green color theme can also be used well to decorate exterior wall so it will create elegant fresh house concept.

Box house design that is modified in fresh green color actually will be able to create perfect minimalist house model. Bright green feature created from exterior wall will look so beautiful to be combined with green outlook landscape surrounding house living. It is as a part of exterior detail steps that will make exterior scheme to be fresher and more natural. On the other hand, minimalist exterior furniture can also be colored well by using green color motif. Wooden exterior furniture designed by using green color design will be able to create modern furniture appearance. Green exterior furniture set is used well to design open space in this project so it will look more interesting. Green main entrance feature also modifies classic modern building design in this project.

Besides, green back door that is made in a simple design is also created well so it will create fresh exterior theme that is combined with green field design. Design of wooden exterior wall that is used well to decorate simple house living can also be modified well by using natural green color paint. Green wooden exterior wall that is made in a simple application actually will support to create simple building appearance that will help to create modern minimalist house living.

It looks so fresh to be combined with green fresh yard impression. Besides, exterior concrete steps detail for the green outlook landscape can also be made well in green color feature.