Sauna Room Design – There is a big contemporary house which applies the sauna room design in San Paulo, Brazil. This house was designed by MK27-Marcio Kogan in 2006. This house is such a big and majestic house, but it doesn’t have the luxury looks from the outside. Instead, this house looks like a classic and contemporary residence. From the picture we can see a spacious entrance in the ground floor of this house.

The exterior walls are using wooden walls and some pebble stones. There are many places in the big contemporary house. This house was divided into three floors. There are the ground floor, the first floor, and the second floor.

The ground floor is divided into the front area and the back area. The front area is contains main entrance, two open terrace, living room, and storage. And the back yard is contains kitchen, hall, home office, dining room, snack room, water mirror, swimming pool. There are also some places outside the house such as deck-solarium and sauna room design that placed near the garden. The living room has classic looks from its pebble stones wall, some art decorations, and the classic yet elegant furniture. The swimming pool is not like the regular swimming pool. The water in the swimming pool is green water and the pools are surrounding the house from side to side.

The dining room is using both wooden chair s and dining table. It is in the side of the house near the pool and the garden. This house is light bulbs in mostly rooms in this house. Meanwhile, the first floor is contains bathrooms, closet, and bedrooms. And the second floor is contains home theater. Those rooms are using the same classic and contemporary design just like other rooms in the first floor.

The first and second floors are using private concept so it doesn’t has many big windows, unlike the first floor. This house is surely has luxury style inthe contemporary house with the sauna room design even though in contemporary way.

Wooden Floor Texture – For sure, you have found the pictures of elegant home design and you may be amazed with its wooden floor texture. Each person has his own personal taste. Yea, elegant style can be relative. One person may think that this is elegant home but the other may think that it is not. So, it depends. Then the question rising in your mind will be, are there any specific characteristics of elegant home?

Now, let us see an inspirational elegant home and you can give your own values towards this elegant residence. The house which is completed by n232 is the modern home with simply elegant home designs with the wooden floor texture. The house is highly modern in its design.

The house looks very simple and clean. The house feels cozy and fresh. This spacious modern home consists of two zones. The first zone is used for apartment living and the rest is used actually wooden volume. The wooden volume part has versatile design and also structure. What does it mean by wooden volume? We have to talk more about this. Is there any relationship between wooden material and elegant interior design?. Well, the house is actually featured by the use of wooden material. Here, you can see the existence of woods which are then combined with the other modern furniture. The public space in this home like in the living room, dining room, modern kitchen, small pantry, bathroom, and also guest rooms are all featured by the extensive use of wooden materials.

The wood can be found in the flooring and wall. Here you can see wooden floor and wooden wall. Not all the wall is made of wood but only some part of the wall that is featured by wood. The wooden element is then combined with black and white room design. Here is also all black furniture and white room interior design.

The black and white room which is combined with wood can really create elegant impression to the room. Does this elegant design inspiration which applies the wooden floor textureattract your attention?

Wooden Floors Tiles – There are a lot of residential complex that using the same design for all houses in the complex such as the wooden floors tiles. From the exterior design until the interior design are using the same design. The Santa Caterina Residential Complex in Verona, Veneto, northern Italy also using the same concept with other complexes. Usually, the houses in the complex are using natural color such as white or grey colors.

But, the designers from Alberto Apostoli are using more colors in this complex. Look at the picture! Those are houses from the Santa Caterina complex. Each house has same building design, same garden, and same furniture.

From the outside, we can see the exterior wall design is using light brown, white, and light green colors. Each house has a small grass garden and no gates. This is the residential complex with colorful design and wooden floors tiles.  There are white stones paths that connecting a house with other houses and other place in this complex such as the main garden and the complex gates. The houses are two level houses. The first level is the main living area and the second level is the private area. The first level is contains living room, kitchen, and dining room. In this level, they are using wooden floors tiles, grey poles, and white ceilings and walls.

The living room has white sofas and white table. The walls in this room are bold red color. The dining room nd the kitchen are in the same area. The dining room has unique long chairs and glass dining table. The walls in here are in grey color. The second floor is contains bedrooms and bathrooms. The main bedroom is using many colors such as light yellow, dark green, white, and wooden colors. All of those colors are classic colors.

There is interesting lightning system in the bedroom so the lights could appear from all holes in this room. Living in residential complex which applies the wooden floors tileswill gives new color in your life.

Beautiful Decorative Lantern Chandelier for Dining Room – There are many decorating ideas for the dining room, and you can give it a royal and high class to your dining room. When you have a special dinner with the guests and your family, then the lantern chandelier for the dining room is the answer. If you go to the store or online searching, then you will find a selection of decorative and beautiful and perfect for your dining room.

You will be pampered with a selection of attractive and affordable pricing options. With lantern chandeliers then this will be another way that is more interesting to display candles with different ways. In addition to interesting, this is a safe way to put candles in a safe place.

Beautiful Decorative Lantern Chandelier for Dining Room

Lantern chandelier for the dining room gives you the luxurious look and complete as the perfect decoration Center. When the candles turned on then, it creates a peaceful environment where you can eat with full of happiness. Lantern Chandelier is made using materials such as terra cotta, glass, metal, and fabric.

You can get a wide variety of candles like Morocco, hanging, Asian, etc. Exotic candle holders and dazzle of these candles help set the perfect atmosphere in your dining room. They can be put in other places such as tables, terrace and garden. Some lantern chandelier designed in accordance with a specific theme such as Hurricane lanterns, lanterns, vintage and scroll candle lantern.

Lantern remind everyone in ancient times where the electricity has not been found so lantern chandeliers suitable for homes with traditional style. However, this does not cover the possibility that there are multiple designs made for modern tastes. Moroccan style will give you a magical display to every corner of your home.

And there are still other styles with a modern touch and contemporary to the style of the present. Some are made with decorative arts that use a high artistic level and different sizes to fit your every need. So if you want to give your dining room decor with a touch of charming and different, then the lantern chandeliers can be the answer for you.

Beautiful Decorative Lantern Chandelier for Dining Room

High Peak Ceilings – There is a stylish loft that using the concept of Scandinavian loft with high peak ceilings in the Odenplan Square in Stockholm, Sweden. The building is a spacious building, so the loft of this building also a spacious loft. The designers are using this spacious space to make stylish and modern designs for the loft. But they didn’t use the regular concept of the modern and stylish designs, they using Scandinavian design.

From that picture, we can see the different between regular loft and this loft. This loft has stylish design in white color and it has high peak ceilings than the other lofts. We can also see that the design for the Scandinavian loft is mainly using white color.

The designers are placing the rooms such as living room, dining room, and kitchen in one area. Without using the walls, this area will look more spacious. The living room has elegant white sofas combined with red carpet and some wood chairs. There is a modern fire place that attached in the wall and billiard board near the living room. The dining room was placed near the kitchen. Both have stylish design in white color. The kitchen appliances are in modern design. The dining room has a big circle stones table and three high chairs with flat surface shape. This house has three bedrooms and two bathrooms that have different feeling in each room.

The bedrooms are using white bed and simple decorations for the bedrooms. And the other one is using flower pattern bed and simple decorations. The two bathrooms are using different design. The first bathroom is using elegant design with white color and some stone walls. This bathroom also has a laundry room in its place.

Meanwhile, the other bathroom is using bold red and black colors as the walls colors. Even though this loft is mainly in white color, but life in this Scandinavian loft with the high peak ceilings is the best option for small family or single living house.

Big Wall Clock – When the first time you see the design of this California estate you will directly catch the fascinating color and a big wall clock decoration that decorate the interior. From the outside, we can get a very nice combination in terrace. The designer applies the combination of beige wall paint with the soft green mint chair.

There you will be spoiled with the alluring design of curved wall also classic window. The natural atmosphere from the soil jars also rattan is suitable with the whole decoration. The beautiful white flowers also enliven the nuance. This is a great spot to enjoy the view of garden and courtyard.

Then, we can find the bewitching space of this California estate planning decorated by the flame of fireplace. When you lit the fireplace, the color of fire will give a warm and comfort look. On the wall, the designer puts a big wall clock decorationmade from wood, add a natural atmosphere there. The decoration will be illuminated by the round pendant light with its great romantic lighting. The living space is decorated with the combination of green mint, beige also brown and white. The beige wallpaper with a touch if green mint of curtain, then for your comfortable seating, the designer places a captivating sofa also two white chairs. The addition of floor lamp also carpet still brings the soft color into this space. For the last touch, the designer put a bold brown coffee table to enliven the whole color and decoration. This coffee table was made from a water repellent material so if you accidentally spilled coffee, you can clean it easily.

Above the table, there are some beautiful white flowers embellish the decoration. Not always use soft color, the designer also insert some bold color to make the decoration more alive. For example this bedroom with the orange pillows that coloring the room which is dominated with beige and other soft color.

The dining room also looks perfect in design with the placement of beige chairs with the addition of green color touch on the backrest. You can find other fascinating idea with the big wall clock decoration in California estate planning blog then get the comfort from its color combination.

Small Rocking Chairs – Are you looking for a modern loft design with small rocking chairs to decorate your own house? Maybe this white residence can be a reference for you. We can say that color has important role to beautify the decoration, but we definitely have a strong reason to use only one color. We need the larger effect in our space or maybe you want to perform the minimalist style.

Don’t worry if you want to dominate the decoration with a color, check these reviews to get some ideas. Begin with the living room of this modern loft interior design. Dominated by white color, this room looks so clean, simple and nice.

The owner places captivating small rocking chairs there. We can see the wooden material used as the base of those chairs, they give different look. Coupled with the chairs, the owner puts comfortable soft grey sofas. We can see that the soft grey color of sofa also give a different look in easy and soft way. If you want to get more, you can add other colors by placing some colorful books there, in the corner of window also on the table. You can change the color any time you want by changing the books; it is easy and fun, right?. Move to this alluring dining room. You will find the wooden table gives a peace look also a warm atmosphere into this space.

Moreover it can be a center point with its different color. Fitted with some light wooden chairs, this space will accompany your fun mealtime to be more attractive. If you want to add some color into your kids’ room, you can hang some cute colorful pictures there also furnish the room with a chair in bold color.

You can get the fresh and clean look together at the same time. Moreover, your kids will love the decoration so much. Let’s have fun with the modern loft interior design ideas which apply the small rocking chairsabove.

cheap dining room sets under $200 – Whatever the space type a luxury home or studio apartment, a cheap dining room sets under $200 will maintain our fund in a wise management phase. As the undeniable package of a dining set that it contain chairs and table. The major case of this furniture is that when we purchase it in one single package then the price will be much more affordable compared to purchase it separately.

The greatest thing about having one single package is that we will have less time to allocate and arrange the furniture perfectly into the designated area compared with the separate furniture ideas. Nonetheless, the inevitable traits of a dining set are always in the expensive figures that sometimes the numbers frightening us.

Therefore, we need to be very detail-oriented when we evaluate the budgetary factors prior to the real-time seeking and purchasing it. First and the foremost of choosing the less expensive of any furniture has always been on reviewing and calculating space we have. It is an important issue to get this idea rather than the fund allocation, although that might be important. Some factors that follow the review process such as the consideration of the shape, size, colors, wood texture, and many intangible aspects widely open. Putting all the exact measurement of space in our notebook will be the good starting point to move on another big step.

Homeowner tends to make a mistake by not careful to choose which area that will be the placement of this furniture. In some cases, a family would love to have their meal near the kitchen while in other cases, family comfort with the soothing nuance of casual concept. Whatever the preferences that we love for our family – note all those remarks on a piece of paper will be a helpful aid for us.

Deciding the shape of the cheap dining room sets under $200 will relate to every cent of our money. The undeniable idea of every furniture is that the thicker of the wood then, the more expensive for the price. We might do not know this hidden rules, but it is true especially for a high-quality wood type.

Formal Dining Room Chairs for Heavy People –

Formal Dining Room Chairs – Having a formal dining area is a great way to entertain guests and family on special occasions.  Are you looking for a formal dining room or dining room luxury suits,consider these four great style to your dining room furniture.  If you have a Formal Dining Room Chairs,we recommend wearing a wooden base.  Traditional wooden furniture which is perfect if you want a traditional style formal dining room, depending on the length of the table,  you can even consider a lawsuit with extra high back chairs at both ends for that extra touch of sophistication.

Open Plan Terrace – If you want to enjoy your time with nature environment, you can go to L-shaped villa with open plan terrace. This villa is located in Danderyd, Stockholm, Sweden. Designed by Franson Wreland Architects, this unique shape villa becomes one with the nature environment around it. This villa has two levels, spacious room in each room, and great design.

The wooden house in that picture is the villa. The exterior theme is using wooden walls for L-shaped villa. From outside, we can also see the big windows in some parts of the house. This villa is surrounded by beautiful trees in green, brown, and yellow colors.

It is like the house in for spring holiday. In front of the house, we can see an open plan terrace with sofas and tables on there. You can enjoy your tea time in here. There is also a picnic table on the side of the house. Inside the house there is a spacious living space in the first floor. This floor contains living room, kitchen, dining room, bathrooms, and bedrooms. The living room many sofas and two glass tables. There is also a modern fire place in the wall with unique design. The living room is facing the big glass windows and beautiful nature view on the side of the house. The dining room was next the living room. It has the same white color theme with the living room.

It has circle-shape table and five chairs around the table. The kitchen was right beside the dining room. The kitchen appliances are using wooden theme and aluminum color in some parts. The second floor is actually a mezzanine. But since it has big space, the mezzanine was looks like a second floor. There are some sofas and book shelves in this area.

You can enjoy reading a book in here. There are also some additional rooms that can be used as work room or guest room. This spacious L-shaped villa which applies the open plan terrace is a quiet and nice place for living.