Top Sidewalks and Patio Improvement Tips  – Your house sidewalks and patio is one of the great places for togetherness time and special occasions. Small celebration or private parties with outdoor concept are usually held in patio. Since it is outdoor that has a direct contact to the weather, it needs proper improvement. Here are some tips for the improvement that can make them stay beautiful and great.

You can start your sidewalks and patios improvement by kerfs the tuff. Square kerfs with natural color will look great. The kerfs should be clean, too. Therefore, you should arrange them in the easy to clean so that there is no dust on it. Applying the coat is also great idea. You can put the first coat by spraying the materials in circular motion until the entire top is colored.

Top Sidewalks and Patio Improvement Tips

For those who like texture, you can put polished the second coat of the flooring it marbled. It will add more texture on the neutral colored outdoor space. Swishing and swirling the kerfs can be done in order to make the mixture of the two stains until they are marbleized. When everything is dry, you can spray the stain on a cloth then apply it on the areas where you want to blend the marble surface.

To prevent fading, apply the sealer every three to five years. It will give the better maintenance against fading. When the sealer has dried, you can put more furniture to your exterior such as lawn chair or coffee table. The outdoor with a great view of sunset will be best matched with the dark colored furniture. The light colored furniture will be suitable for beach view outdoor patio. Beautiful sidewalks and patio is a personal touch of a house presenting its comfort and coziness.

Top Sidewalks and Patio Improvement Tips

Terrace Wooden Flooring – Design of building that had been made in a gothic impression actually will look more exotic and artistic in its appearance by applying cabin stylewith terrace wooden flooring that has exotic feature such that had been applied perfectly in a project of gothic building of Pangal Cabin by EMa Arquitectos. This house building concept is created successfully by Home DSGN to create a special impression of small building that has exotic cabin design and exotic building impression.

Redwood material construction had been applied perfectly in this project which exotic and natural color feature created from the redwood material will create a special impression of house living that has an exotic theme.

Redwood material that is used to design terrace wooden flooring actually will look so beautiful and artistic in its appearance. This design will be more perfect to be combined with design of exterior furniture that is also designed by using redwood material to create exotic concept of cabin style homeIn addition, design of wall that had been modified by using elegant glass material that is made in a large style actually will look so beautiful to be applied in this project. Design of large glass wall will look so exotic to be combined with wooden construction that is also made by using redwood material style.

Simple interior arrangement in this project will look so beautiful to be enjoyed from outside by applying proper glass wall design. Ceiling air circulation system in this house is also made in a simple style. Simple style of air circulation placed on the ceiling actually will create a comfortable and fresh condition of house interior decorated perfectly by using wooden and glass material.

It is applied perfectly above interior stair so it will create a bright impression of house interior naturally. It can also be categorized into a part of cabin style home planswith the terrace wooden flooringthat can be applied well.

Living Room Beam Classic interior touch that is had by modern house can be created well through modifying room space by using living room beam design. This design concept is developed well in Living Rooms with Beams project which modern living room style will be able to look classic to be decorated by using beam style. Stone and wooden style can be used well to decorate living room so it will be able to have classic appearance.

For instance modern living designed by using wooden beam concept will be able to look more natural, classic and exotic. Brown color feature is used well to design living room. It is done to create suitable design concept applied with beam feature that is used well to decorate living room.

Style of living room beam design actually becomes special modification that will be able to modify interior space classically and artistically. Traditional wooden feature that is used well to design ceiling construction actually will be able to create traditional interior appearance. It will look more exotic to be added with stone fireplace mantel design. Classic interior sofa design is also used perfectly to decorate living room in this project. It is created by applying brown color feature to decorate and modify the interior sofa. Brown classic sofa style will create perfect interior modification that looks so special to be combined with brown bench model that is used well to design living room table.

Rounded traditional table actually looks so exotic to modify classic living room with traditional living room tone. In addition, house interior floor is also modified in dark color feature that looks so exotic. Wooden dark color feature is used well to design interior floor exotically.

Actually it will create exotic natural interior decoration that will design interior space perfectly. It will look more exotic to be added with traditional wooden pole design used well to design house interior. Concept of living room beam design actually will design living room exotically.

Rustic Coffee Table – For having modern room design, you cannot simply put anything in modern style like modern furniture such as rustic coffee table sets or modern color schemes. There are so many considerations to take before creating contemporary room design. You may have known about the rules of having modern room including the best furniture for modern interior, the choice of colors, the room decorating ideas, and so on.

But, have you ever thought to bring older elements in your modern furniture? Is it possible bringing older decorative elements in your interior? Let us see how old furniture can be best blended with modernity.

Now, we have brilliant modern room design ideas with the rustic coffee table sets and the existence of old decorative element in your rooms. Have you ever thought that old windows or windows frames can be great decorative elements in your modern interior? You may never think about it before. In fact, you can make it as bedroom decorating ideas. If you have old windows frame you can put it and mount it on your wall in your bedroom. They can be great headboard in your bedroom and even they can be focal point in your bedroom. The second one is creating rustic coffee table from the windows frame or old windows.

Then you can combine it with the other modern furniture like white leather sectional sofa, leather armchairs, and also glass vase on the table. Bet that your living room will be modern living room ever after. And you can see that re-purpose items can be amazing decorative elements in your room. If you want more modern impression you can repaint the frame. The last decorative elements can be made of old windows is pictures frames.

Make the back of the windows as the frame meanwhile the glass part can be the protector for the pictures. If you need more details information, it is better for you to find more modern room design pictures with the rustic coffee table sets in the internet websites.

Iron Deck Fence – Fresh building concept of house living can be modified in a minimalist style so it will look more interested in its exterior appearance such design and style of riverside buildingthat had been done successfully by Home DSGN with iron deck fence. This building decoration and design had been reflected successfully in a design of fresh riverside home that has a modern style of Riverside House by Keiji Ashizawa Design that had been made in a minimalist style.

Glass material design becomes main material in this project that had been applied to dominate design of house construction in this project. Glass material will look more elegant to be combined with style of aluminum construction that is also used to complete design of the glass material.

Design of glass wall will look more modern to be completed with aluminum material construction because it can be categorized into riverside building materialsthat have a stylish and minimalist impression for the iron deck fence. Wooden material construction with natural feature is also applied to complete design and style of house building in order to look more natural in its appearance. It also becomes special characteristic and style in this house project. Design of canopy in this project is made in a large style so it will support to create a comfortable open space created surrounding main house building.

Iron fence applying to design exterior deck actually will look so minimalist in its application. On the other hand, design of semi open room is also made in this project by applying exotic feature and theme of room. Exotic theme and feature of room is created by applying wooden material with traditional and natural feature that is applied to design floor.

It will look more modern to be combined with design of furniture that has white color design. Actually it is as a new innovation of application of great western building material to design minimalist house which apples the iron deck fence for modern deck area.

Cork Art Project– Here you will find some admirable cork art projects that will make you amazed. On the creative hands, the cork will be more valuable and has a high taste of art. Follow us to get some ideas. The first project is stamps from cork. All you need are bold pen, cutter, and of course cork. You have to draw the motive or shape you want on the cork, for example a shape of heart, draw it with the bold pen then cut the cork with the cutter or knife follow the motive.

If you have got the shape, dip it on the ink, it can be black or other color such as blue, red or other colors you want. Now you have your own stamp, it will be useful if you want to create your own design.

It is cheap and easy, you can make it at home. The second of these cork art projects is holders from cork. You just need cutter and prepare some cards or pictures that you want to attach. Slice lengthwise the cork horizontally or vertically. Attach your card or family pictures then put them on your desk. It will decorate your room beautifully moreover always remind you to your family. It will be so nice.

The next project is trivet from cork. All you need is collect some corks then arrange and merge them into one bigger. Use super glue to help make it durable. You can use it to put your hot pot after cooked so it will reduce the heat damage the table. The incredible design will also decorate your lovely kitchen.

There are so many ideas that you can try such as mini planter, key chain and others. Use your creativity and get more from so many items that you never noticed before, for example those cork art projects above.

Unique Office Chair – House office design will be able to look more creative in its appearance to be decorated well by using unique office chair. Unique chair model that is used well to design house office actually will be a special home office decoration that will design house living interestingly. This chair model is applied well in Top 10 Quirky Office Chair project.

Wooden chair that is made in a style of Buddha hand actually will create unique chair model that has artistic chair appearance. Buddha hand chair that is made from wooden material actually is as artistic interior furniture that will decorate house living artistically.

It can also be used well as a comfortable chair concept that has unique appearance. On the other hand, concept of unique office chaircan also used well to design office room so it will be able to look more artistic and stylish in its furniture decoration style. It has contrast design with modern chair model that is usually used well to design home office perfectly. In addition, Meteor chair model that is modified by using white and red color design will be able to design home office stylistically. Actually it will decorate home office to look more interesting in its appearance. Comfortable meteor chair model used well to design house office stylistically. It is as innovative chair model that can be applied perfectly to design home office space.

Floral chair motif can also be used well to decorate office room space beautifully. Gold cover chair design can also be used well to decorate home office space elegantly. Actually it can be categorized into modern home office style. Gold chair feature that is used well to design office will be able to give special interior appearance that has elegant impression.

Besides, mica chair design also becomes special chair model that can be used well to design office space perfectly. It is not like concept of unique office chair that is usually used well to design vintage office room design.

Modern Concrete Wall – Style of house building that has a contemporary style can be applied to design modular or prefab house in order to look more awesome in its appearance such by applying contemporary building styleto design modern modular or prefab home perfectly with modern concrete wall. This house concept had been developed perfectly by Home DSGN to be applied successfully in a project of awesome modular building of The Cubo House by Arquitectura en Movimiento that had been modified stylistically.

Front side design of building in this project will look so artistic by combining between wooden and concrete material construction that had been made in a perfect style to design house exterior.

Wooden material is applied to design center side of exterior wall applied in this project combined with the modern concrete wall. In addition, wooden the wooden material is also applied to design garage door in order to look more artistic as a part of contemporary architecture styles. On the other hand, design of other exterior wall is designed and created from concrete wall construction that looks so modern by applying soft white color design. Actually combination between wooden and concrete material designs will create an awesome impression of house exterior design in this project.

All of them is also designed and decorated in a stylish and modern impression so it will look so interested and stylish. Glass material design is also applied to design windows in this project. Simple window design that had been decorated perfectly by using glass material will look more interested and unique to be completed with curtain cover that is applied in a behind position of the window.

So it will look such a design of mica window design from outside. It is as a part of moderncontemporary architecture homes with the modern concrete wallthat will create an interested home style that looks so modern, stylish and elegant in its appearance.

Innovative Pendant Lighting – Simple interior modification with innovative pendant lighting can be used well to decorate house living so it will be able to create amazing simple interior such used well in an interior concept of excellent apartment that is located in Warsaw. This apartment design concept is developed successfully in Sophisticated Apartment project that has elegant interior appearance.

Simple modern furniture is used perfectly to decorate interior space in this project. White interior sofa combined with simple white living room desk actually will be simple interior furniture set that is used well to design contemporary apartment perfectly.

It can also be categorized into excellent apartment reviews that have minimalist impression. Stylish stainless pendant lamp is also used well to decorate ceiling in living room which it will be elegant interior modification that will design house living perfectly. It is as innovative pendant lighting that has stunning appearance. Transparent glass window cover is also used well to decorate large glass windows used well to design living room. The transparent window cover is modified well in white color feature. Actually it will be able to create simple modern cover window that will look so suitable to design minimalist living room.

In addition, natural light sparkling will come perfectly from outside through the glass window so it will be able to make interior space to be still in a bright and comfortable impression. In addition, kitchen space design that is made together with living room is also modified in a stylish concept. It is designed by using black wooden material that is used well to decorate kitchen cabinet.

Indirectly it will create modern exotic cabinet style that looks so stylish to be applied in a modern kitchen. Besides, apartments with good reviews can also be added to design apartment interior space in this project with the innovative pendant lighting perfectly so it will be able to create special apartment interior modification.

Breakfast Kitchen – As the era changing and everything becoming more modern, here we are provide in inspirational modern kitchen design with a breakfast kitchen nook for you. Well, it has been known that kitchen is the part of living area and it belongs to crucial part in home. In the kitchen, you can do anything with your family. Cooking, snacking, chatting are the activities you can do in the kitchen.

Regarding to its function, some experts have designed modern kitchen for creating comfortable ambiance in the kitchen so that a family can gather here. Now, let us see the tips for designing your kitchen. Here are the best modern kitchen interior design which has been suited with your needs and the space in your kitchen.

Before talking more about the best kitchen design, we have a question for you. Have you ever heard about breakfast kitchen nook? Regarding to its name, you can imagine what bar kitchen is or at least you can guess its function. Yea, you are right. The breakfast kitchen nookis the part of the kitchen which is completed by bar used for breakfast time. Yea, when you have breakfast, it will be only a loft of bread with jam or fruits. For this moment, you can put bar with stools. Which are the best kitchen bars suitable for your modern kitchen? Well, for creating balance in the kitchen, you can choose the kitchen bar surface which match with the other kitchen furniture.

Take for example you can choose the kitchen bar surface which is suitable with your countertop or even with your floor. It is okay for having wooden floor or laminate floor and then they are combined with wooden kitchen bar. When creating breakfast kitchen, you have to consider the space in your kitchen also, whether you have spacious kitchen or minimalist kitchen.

If you have spacious kitchen, it is okay to put integrated kitchen bar, but if you have limited space in your kitchen, then you can choose simple table and stools which can be easily moved. The modern kitchen design ideas which apply the breakfast kitchen nook are best to copied now.

Functional Kitchen Islands – Contemporary kitchen concept can be created by using functional kitchen islands which are designed contemporarily and stylistically. It can be categorized into stylish kitchen furniture that will decorate kitchen space perfectly. This island style is applied well in Island Kitchen project that has stylish island appearance.

White kitchen island color is used well to decorate modern kitchen so it will look more stylish in its furniture design concept. Glossy stainless material that is used well to design island actually will be able to create exclusive kitchen island style. Automatically it will be able to make kitchen space to look more stunning.

There are many storage designs that are made to design the island model so it will create perfect functional island style. Actually it is asone of functional kitchen islandsthat will design kitchen contemporarily. Natural vegetable designs are also used well to design the island so it will be able to create special island modification that will be able to create natural island appearance with elegant island impression. The kitchen island can be functioned well as storage space, oven and sink. It is as innovative island model that is usually applied well to design modern kitchen style. In addition, glossy island feature actually will create exclusive furniture style that is so suitable to modify luxurious kitchen space.

Simple island model with exclusive design actually will be special characteristic of island design that is applied in this project. It is so suitable to be applied in a small kitchen space. Refrigerator design is also made well in an island design used in this project. Minimalist refrigerator model actually will look so elegant to complete island model to look more functional.

This island concept can be categorized into futuristic island concept because of special model had. Innovative island style actually becomes special furniture used to decorate the functional kitchen islands perfectly.

Wooden Desk Modern – Let’s get something different from this apartment design with wooden desk modern. You will be brought into a traditional theme which combines with the colorful vintage. This apartment applies open idea without any doors separated each room. It gives a welcome feeling to your guests and spacious effect. Begin with this living space. We can see the traditional touch from the unpolished wooden material there.

This living space is furnished with the endearing white sofa adorned with some colorful cushions above. The coffee table also combines the traditional wood and modern glass material, blend with the whole decoration. There is a beige chaise lounge in old design.

The seams look not neat but precisely add the artistic touch into the design. Near from the living space, there is home office. Vintage and traditional still applied in the decoration. There are some apartment design tips that you can follow. It is enough to place furniture if it can represent the style you want, for example this wooden pole. The owner just needs to add other vintage items such as this green transparent vase on the wooden desk modern. The design of white open shelf and the addition of black and white photograph also enhance the vintage decoration. The bedroom also shows the retro style from the placement of dresser with retro paint.

The bewitching brown old chest also ornament from bones adorn this space so perfectly in retro style. The designer also put a brown arm chair to give more comfort for you. The bathroom also designed in such way to make it looks beautiful. We can see the addition of traditional brown chair also old white bucket and table that insert the traditional look into this bathroom.

The endearing bathtub will guarantee a great soak time for you. Those are the reviews about apartment interior design which apply the wooden desk modern, hope they will be useful for you.


Unique Interior Design – You like to have some unique items for the unique interior design of your house? Many people like to have the simple design or minimalist design for their house interior. If you also one of them who like to have the simple and minimalist design within your home, it does not matter to have some unique items in your house so that you can have the unique and vivacious look of your home.

So, are you interested to have unique things within your home?. There are many designs of the house with the simple design but unique home décor that you can adapt for your house.

Just take a look at the unique interior designpictures that you can see in this article! The design of the house interior in this article may inspire you very much who want to have the simple house but with unique décor. As you can see in this article, the design of the house in this article is so simple but the decoration within this house makes the house interior so unique and interesting. When you take a look to the first picture in this article you will see the exterior of the house. This house exterior has the fresh look since this house is built in the middle of the trees and green grass. The wooden material also appears as the wall of the house exterior in this article.

When you take a look to the next picture you will see the interior of this house. This house interior looks very interesting since there are some chairs with some shapes and various colors. Each chair also has the unique pattern and makes the interior so unique.

The design of the house in this article is so modern and unique. You can adapt the design of the house interior in this article for your house if you like the unique design. Hope that this unique interior designarticle inspires you very much!

Bedroom Design Floor Plan – Do you have any tips for drawing a teen bedroom design floor plan? Drawing a good teen room design floor plan is easy once you’ve made some notes regarding the space and how you wish to better utilize it. A floor plan is also great way to organize your teen room design thoughts. For starters, you’ll need to measure your teen room from top to bottom. Be sure to include the size of all your doors and windows as well as any built-in features like a bookcase or desk. Next, you’ll want to draw your teen bedroom design floor plan to scale. Use ¼ inch graph paper.

Each square on the paper will equal one foot. (For example if a wall measures 22 feet, the line you draw representing the wall will take up 22 squares.) Do a rough sketch of your teen room and include the positioning of any windows, doorways, built-in features, and permanent furniture pieces such as your bed and armoire. Additional bedroom furniture and décor elements can be then added one at a time. You’ll also save considerable time and energy by drawing your teen bedroom design in pencil first.

Use a ruler to make your lines. It’s also a good idea to record your measurements right on the floor plan itself that way you have everything you need in one spot. The best way to test out different furniture arrangements is to draw and cut out some templates using the same ¼ inch scale. If you plan to purchase new bedroom furniture you’ll want to ask for the manufacturer’s spec. sheet which will have the exact dimensions of each piece. Guessing the size of your furniture is never wise. The best advice I can give you when drawing your teen room design floor plan and playing around with your individual pieces of furniture is to create a focal point. In other words, start with your largest piece of furniture first. In most cases, this would be your bed. The focal point of a room is always the first thing that draws your attention when you walk in. So what teen room design element will anchor the space in your room? Where you locate and how you accent your focal piece will have a huge impact on the overall look of your teen room.

For instance carefully selected bed coverings and throw pillows can really bring the colors in your teen room together. When creating a teen room design floor plan you want to make sure you have enough space around each piece of bedroom furniture. This is extremely important if you wish to incorporate elements like under-the-bed storage bins that roll out. If you can’t fully access your teen room storage area what’s the point of having it in the first place?. Your teen room design floor plan should also include the location of vents, heating or air conditioning units, phone jacks and all electrical switches and outlets.

It’s also wise to leave a distance of 6 inches between bedroom furniture and any heating and air-conditioning units. Finally, if you’ll be purchasing new bedroom furniture it’s a good idea that your teen bedroom design floor plan details both your present and future needs. Having some idea of how your floor plan can be adapted as your tastes change will solve a lot of furniture and storage problems down the road.


Vintage Wooden Bookshelf – Book shelf becomes one of important furniture that must be applied in a house interior to create a tidy impression of house interior arrangement which it can be created by applying vintage wooden bookshelf that had been created by Home DSGN. Design of book shelf in this project had been made in a very large style and design so it can cover interior wall fully.

This shelf design had been applied to design and decorate house interior in a project of Shelf-Pod by Kazuya Morita Architecture Studio. Wooden material is applied perfectly to design shelf in this project which it will look more interested in its appearance by applying modern design application of the wooden shelf.

Wooden material that is used to design shelf actually will create a traditional impression of furniture that had been applied in a house interior. Actually it will become vintagewooden bookshelfthat can be applied to design interior wall in order to look more artistic and traditional. House interior construction that is also dominated by wooden material application actually will look more suitable to be combined with style of shelf that is also made from wooden material construction. Yellow color design of wooden material will look so beautiful, bright and natural to be applied to design house interior.

Yellow wooden material is applied to design shelf, ceiling, wall, floor and interior furniture in this project. Same feature design of wooden material applied to design house interior actually will create a special impression of house interior theme. Besides, large wooden shelf applied to design wall fully in a house interior actually also becomes special characteristic in this project which it will create a unique style of house interior decoration that can be applied perfectly.

All of them become vintagewooden bookshelf that had been modified traditionally to design house interior artistically and tidily.