Outdoor Curtains For Pergola – Install outdoor curtains for pergola can add a decorative touch to your personal preferences with regards to the pergola design. A lot of people trying to create privacy while others are not. This is not only true in indoor, even in outdoor places such as pergola, creating privacy space can also be a consideration. In addition to using the curtains, there are still other ways for you to choose.

Currently, there seems to be a change for people start moving their lifestyle to the outside. It is not clear who is using outdoor curtains is the first, but the curtain can create a number of small privacy for your pergola but air still let blow.

An outdoor curtain seemed have two purposes, complete coverage sent to privacy residents or purely as decoration accent. As interior design and window treatment, the exterior design is not much different. First, you need to define your own purpose: decoration or privacy. When it comes to privacy, outdoor curtains would be enough or you need to block the exposure to the outside. What materials would you choose for your pergola is based on your location. You will be limited in color choices and depending on the weight of the fabric.

You need to use the hardware and how pergola decorations can respond to rain and snow. To influence the decorations, you can expand the choice. You can choose the colors that match the rest of your pergola decor and choose the texture and style that you will decide. Have you considered using other fabric or how you put between two ponds, etc you will need to make plan when you decide use outdoor curtain for pergola.

Beaded curtains can be the unique options and a few pots with topiaries can provide a block view when you choose oudoor curtains as decoration accents.

Navy Blue Bedroom Curtains – Compared to other rooms in the house, there is no question that bedroom can be the most private room where people can play the most. It means that people can be free to decorate their bedroom according to their liking. People can always make experiment with their bedroom without having to worry about its impact to other people. People can choose the style which is completely different from other room’s decoration for instance.

They can also use their favorite color or theme for their bedroom decoration. Navy blue for example can be the color theme choice for the bedroom.

Navy blue can be chosen because people have great love with ocean or sailor theme. It can be caused by their hobby or occupation for instance. They surely can use it in their bedroom but they have to be very careful when using the navy blue because it can be included in dark color tone. If they use it too much without proper combination with other colors, they will make the room look too dark like a cave. Using navy blue for bedroom decoration does not mean that they will get the cave like bedroom. They can start simply by adding the navy blue bedroom curtains as detail in the bedroom.

People can get the ocean or sailor theme look easily by installing the curtain in navy blue. Of course the navy blue color can also be used for other parts of bedroom including the wall. They can cover the wall with navy blue color and the curtain should also be in navy blue. Nevertheless, they have to keep other things in the bedroom in white including for the ceiling, floor, and even the bedding.

Navy blue can be used as accent not only for the window curtain but also for the bedding. The furniture can be kept in neutral color for building the natural look in the bedroom.


Seafoam green curtain – The basic characteristic of Seafoam green curtains is that from the visualization viewpoint – this color not only serve a calming vibe but also provide additional brightness towards any space. If we like reading or studying or working in our designated room or space – we need to use this color, not just for a curtain but try to accompany it with any bright colors type.

When we can succeed to have such a perfect combination – eventually, it will result to encourage plenty excitement to our psychological aspects to become more focus than before.

There is a plenty consideration that we need to know before we would like to try on complementing this color along with the stuff that attach to it and, in this case, is the curtain. Selecting the additional colors should not the colors that can detract the freshness of the green colors itself. Just in case we might have confused about finding the accompaniment colors – we can use color such as soft yellows as well as the neutral colors lineup. Some careful thinking when trying to use colors such as metallic and any shades that part of pink is that all those colors present a drama. Another effect of those colors is that it gives so much glamorousness that in some extent, it can be excessive. Why all of those colors seem part of the colors that we should ignore is that because those colors will leave or decrease the focal point amount of the green color that we have.

The goal of any art form including approaching the colors are that we need to harmonize it or in other words, we should be wise to balance the weakness side. It is a sure thing to understand that the Seafoam green curtains can complement with the red family colors. Whether the dark or bright lineups of pink colors such as bubblegum pink, or fuchsia can give a pleasing as well as romanticism on contrasting the green appeal.

If, the pink is too corny to our taste – we might want to try the blush pink that has the softest quality of pink. As a great balance tools, we can add the metallic or gray colors for the rug which still can work fine for the whole ambiance.

Curtains Boys Bedroom – Your son might not be too fussed about the curtains in his bedroom but curtains are a big part of the room decor, and not only do they have to be practical but also suit the room and theme. Here are some tips and examples to choosing the right curtains for a boys bedroom.


If you child already has a theme or if you are decorating your child’s bedroom in a specific theme you could try and find curtains in that same theme. Keep in mind if your child is still young that his favourite theme might not last that long and if you update the decor of the room you will also have to update the curtains.

A great solution to finding curtains for a specific theme is to choose plain colored curtains and add a window valance with the chosen theme print on it. When you update the room all you will have to do is update the window valance without purchasing new curtains.


When choosing curtains take in consideration that when you close them, they will cover a big piece of the wall and therefore will have a big impact in the room. Choose a color that you have already used in the room as and accent color, this way the curtain will fit in nicely with your decor and won’t stand out too much.


The most important thing is to use a fabric that is suitable for the purpose. For most kids rooms block out curtains are ideal as they are made out of a thicker fabric and backing to block out the sun and keep the room nice and dark. When considering light or sheer curtains you might have to install roller blinds to keep out the light and of course for privacy reasons.

Curtain rods

Use funky curtain rods to spice up the room or to suit a themed room. There are lots of different curtain rods and accessories available to suit any room.

Tie backs

Tie backs are great in nursery rooms, if you choose to use a plain curtain to grow with your child you can decorate them with tie backs that look great in any nursery or toddlers bedroom. I love the plush animal tie back, they are so cute.

Bedroom Curtain Ideas – Bedroom curtains come in many different styles, whether it is for a boys or girls bedroom. Not only do curtains have to be functional, curtains are a big feature in a room so it is essential to match them to the decor and theme of the bedroom. We will show you some examples of different style curtains and how to best incorporate them in your kids bedroom.

If you like any of the curtains shown here, just click on the photo to get more information.

Window panels

Although window panels are very traditional they are a good choice for a kids bedroom as it is very easy to find window panels in different prints, colors and themes to match any kids bedroom.

Look for blackout curtain panels that will keep the room dark at night and keep the sun out during the day so your kids can sleep comfortable. If your child is still young, avoid buying long panels as little hands tend to grasp and pull down on them

Window valances

To bring color or a theme into a kids bedroom, install a fabric valance over a simple window blind or shade. You will save money by just buying a new valance once your child grows up and will move towards a more grown up bedroom without replacing the blind or shade. Window valances come in many different colors and themes and can often be matched with other items in the room, like throw pillows, bed sheets or lamp shades.

Roman shades

There are 2 varieties of shades, either roman shades which can be raised in stages or roller shades that roll up when raised. Both are very similar and are a very neat and effective window treatment in your childs bedroom. Old-fashioned roman or roller shades work well in a nursery or kids bedroom, giving it a sleek and modern look.

Roman or roller shades can be ordered in light-blocking styles and can be combined with a valance or window panels. Roman and roller shades can be raised out of the way during the daytime to allow natural sunlight into the room and give privacy and block out the light at night.


Mini-blinds or wood blinds can be adjusted to control light. They are also easy to clean, and have a contemporary look and are often used in bedrooms for teenagers who want light into their room during the day but still would like the privacy from outside. Blinds come in different colors to suit any kids bedroom and come in standard sizes or can get customised to your window needs.

There are plenty of boys & girls bedroom curtains ideas out there. The choice is yours, as it comes down to personal and your childs taste functionality and budget. But one thing is for sure, there is a curtain out there to suit your kids bedroom.

Wall Treatment – Thinking about room decorating ideas with wall treatment panels for your lovely kids is always interesting. You for sure will give the best for your children. What should be prepared before decorating your kid’s room? Of course you should think about the wall treatments. What are they? They are related to the wall painting ideas for kids, the wall decoration.

The other considerations are the ceiling, the choice of furniture, and the combination of color schemes, just like the other room interior design. Here, we have inspirational room decoration for kids. Let us check it out. The first should be thought is the room paintings ideas.

Like what have been mentioned before, the wall treatment panelsare important thing when you come to the decision of decorating room. It includes the ideas of room paintings. Choosing the best color schemes for your kids is a must. Well, for modern room decorating or modern interior, for sure you have known that the use of neutral colors is characterized the modern decorating. It is right. But do you think that using neutral colors like white, grey, and black are suitable for kids? Well, you have to be smart here. You can combine the use of powerful colors like pink or purple against the white color. They can work well actually. But if you want to keep your kidsbedroom being gender neutral, you can combine grey and glossy white together.

The combination of the colors can be used for baby boy or baby girl. In your neutral bedroom, you can paint the wall with stone gray tone. Then, you can add glossy white ceiling. How about the wall? For the wall, you can choose gray floor and gray walls. If you want to make the wall becoming less boring, you can use stripy wallpaper, of course they must be in white and gray.

Meanwhile for the floor, you can choose flooring in dove color. The dove floor will make your kid’s room becoming more attractive. If you are interested with the bedroom decorating ideas with the wall treatment panels, you can try it at yours.