Swiss coffee paint color – The Swiss coffee paint color is a color that has a definition as a cool with a little bit complex color characteristic that work effortlessly to any room with different color. In other words, this colors is powerful and an easy solution to make a change of all our space areas. There are various shades that this color has and some of them such as Sunup where this one has a soft with clear yellow that is welcoming in many ways.

The perfect color combination for the Sunup will be for white, apple green, blues and pink as well. Another shade that correspond to the Swiss is the White Pepper. This shade will please us with its classic, crisp and cool vibe that suit to the beach loft or a tropical house theme. If our current interior color has colors of gold, white, blue and green – this will match it perfectly.

It has been in every major discussion that human eyes can perceive in an average of 3 million colors, and some highly sensitive people can view 7 million colors. If we are in a fan of contemporary theme or concept, then this color will help us by providing integration with the furniture. In choosing the color, some people prefer to story-minded that introduce of movement and changes from one room to another room. That kind of idea will serve plenty ambiances as if we are having a lot of fresh air throughout the whole space.

Some expert and home designer name this theme in several categories such as whimsy, drama, dialogue, and passion. Indeed, that we can consider this color is very philosophical compared with any colors that we encounter in the average home. All of the shades that the Swiss coffee paint color has by various people has been part of a magical color that will transform any space into a delectable area to spend longer on a daily basis.

The relaxing personality that entail in this color has been the addiction factors for some people that live in a crowded city that seek for a calming nuance inside of their home. Trying to collaborate this color with some “brave” colors such as red will make a perfect balance.

Ceiling Lamps Modern – Talking about home decorating ideas is always interesting especially with the ceiling lamps modern. Your property is like a big canvas where you can put anything here to create harmony. In your interior, you can put anything that you like but it must be based on the rules. Here, we give you the best way for decorating your modern interior design from the details part.

Well, decorating home can be related to the home painting ideas or even the ceiling decorating ideas. Ceiling? Yea, ceiling is a part of home that must take your consideration. Not many people think about decorating the ceiling. What they think must be how to decorate wall, or how to decorate living room.

The only thing they put in the ceiling is the ceiling lamps modernand nothing else. In modern home design the ceiling decorating ideas is one of the most important things. What can we do with the ceiling? For your information, white ceiling may be elegant and modern but it can be boring. For making your ceiling becoming less boring, you can choose the shape or form with unique look. The unique ceiling shape can be the focal point in your room. It will add the new atmosphere in your interior. An undulating ceiling in simple style can give elegant look in your room. Besides that, it can also be contemporary decor that you never think before.

The, you can add the white stylish pendant lamps on your ceiling. For creating balance to the entire room design, you can share it to your wall.Have you ever found colorful ceiling before? Well, for creating playful atmosphere in the room can be done by adding the color in your ceiling. Not only the colorful wall but also the colorful ceiling in the room can help to brighten up room.

You can see colorful ceiling pictures in the internet websites or in magazine. Then you can choose best modern ceiling design for your modern home decorating ideas with the ceiling lamps modern and get the best room design now.

High Peak Ceilings – There is a stylish loft that using the concept of Scandinavian loft with high peak ceilings in the Odenplan Square in Stockholm, Sweden. The building is a spacious building, so the loft of this building also a spacious loft. The designers are using this spacious space to make stylish and modern designs for the loft. But they didn’t use the regular concept of the modern and stylish designs, they using Scandinavian design.

From that picture, we can see the different between regular loft and this loft. This loft has stylish design in white color and it has high peak ceilings than the other lofts. We can also see that the design for the Scandinavian loft is mainly using white color.

The designers are placing the rooms such as living room, dining room, and kitchen in one area. Without using the walls, this area will look more spacious. The living room has elegant white sofas combined with red carpet and some wood chairs. There is a modern fire place that attached in the wall and billiard board near the living room. The dining room was placed near the kitchen. Both have stylish design in white color. The kitchen appliances are in modern design. The dining room has a big circle stones table and three high chairs with flat surface shape. This house has three bedrooms and two bathrooms that have different feeling in each room.

The bedrooms are using white bed and simple decorations for the bedrooms. And the other one is using flower pattern bed and simple decorations. The two bathrooms are using different design. The first bathroom is using elegant design with white color and some stone walls. This bathroom also has a laundry room in its place.

Meanwhile, the other bathroom is using bold red and black colors as the walls colors. Even though this loft is mainly in white color, but life in this Scandinavian loft with the high peak ceilings is the best option for small family or single living house.

Exposed Ceiling Design – Contemporary style of house living can be created by applying natural building material such that had been applied to design elegant wooden homeswith the exposed ceiling design that had been created by Home DSGN. In this project, wooden materials had been applied perfectly to design and decorate house construction so it will look more natural in its appearance.

This house concept had been applied perfectly in a project of modern and natural house living concept of Chosun Residence by Kevin Vallely which wooden material had dominated house construction.

Wooden material is applied perfectly to design and decorate ceiling in this house project that had been made in an exposed ceiling style. The exposed ceiling design will look more exotica and artistic to be designed by using natural wooden material with natural and exotic feature. Wooden construction that had been used to design ceiling is made artistically so it will create a special concept such concept of elegant wooden homes Bangalore that looks so beautiful natural and exotic. Design of aluminum construction is also applied perfectly in this project. Aluminum construction that had been combined with wooden construction that had been made in a modern style actually will create a contemporary concept of house building in this project.

In addition design of canopy in front of a house is made in a transparent style by using wooden material construction so it will look more artistic in its appearance. Exterior theme in this project looks so contemporary because there is a perfect combination between gray and brown color design that had been created from wooden material construction.

Gray color design is created by applying aluminum and natural stone material construction that look so beautiful to be applied together to design house exterior. Actually it is such a concept of house exterior of eco wooden houses Bangalore with the exposed ceiling design that can create a contemporary building style.