Owl Baby Bedding – When it comes to a good choice of baby bedding, owl baby bedding without a doubt should be your choice since it has something to do with comfort. With removable pillow, it is easy to set your convenient position so you can change one to another alternately without the hassle. Motive of owl does not stand alone in this baby bedding as it comes in harmony with flowers, birds and trees.

Is there anything else to say this baby bedding attractive? Yes, pastel shade will be something unique your kids will enjoy. The pastel shade will lead to something comfortable during nap of your baby.

Carry strap and Velcro closure seems to be another plus pints you can get from this owl baby bedding, and all of them come with good-looking design. Optimal convenience is what the bedding has to offer when it talks to the two features. Here are some materials used in this baby bedding. First, the blanket is made from quality polyester. There is a mixture you will find at this baby bedding related to the used material. And the second one is that the Nap Mat of this item is as to combination 80% polyester and 20% cotton.

For optimal comfort, this bedding benefits from coral plush blanket. Simple, functional and colorful are some plus points you can find in the owl baby bedding. Of course this item is removable so that you can use it more flexibly. No matter you have big or small house, this owl bedding is a perfect choice.

That is all about what the owl baby bedding has to offer. Due to a range of plus points, the bedding should be your choice so you can provide your loved one with comfortable betting that can make him her sleep in optimal convenience.

Finding Nemo bedding – Cozy and warm, that must be value you have to think about when it comes to baby boy bedding. Finding Nemo bedding set could be a good choice if you want to provide your boys with such comfortable bedding set. There are several things to consider why you need to call the bedding set cozy.

The first one is about existence of pillow filled up with polyester fiber making it more possible for your loved one to feel convenient in his/her sleep. blue color with finding nemo figures will make the bedding set a perfect choice since the item can trigger imagination, which is a good thing for better life.

You should not think of something complicated when talking about Finding Nemo baby boy bedding as it only offers three items: pillow, blanket and comfortable bed. Simplicity is the concept of making the baby boy bedding but it does not mean that you cannot give something special to your love one with this item. Made with 100% good cotton, it is likely to happen that your kids forget spending hours in his sleep. And right after waking up, he feels so fresh and is ready to start a new day.

Since Finding Nemo baby boy bedding is derived from simple concept, you can take it to your home, especially when there is limited space. In order not to make boys bored easily, every part of the bedding does not come in plain style. Finding nemo-related motives are scattered around every single side of the baby bedding set. That is all what the Finding Nemo has to offer.

If you think of your child must be treated at her best, you without a doubt need to consider the bedding set. Of course limited space and lack of inspiration are not longer a big deal as the Finding Nemo can give you almost everything.

Cream Sheeps Baby Crib – Do you agree that color is powerful for baby crib bedding? If you do, you are exactly right since right choice of color will make your crib enjoy life at best level despite the fact that your loved one does not realize it. Cream is one of many colors that you can use to be part of your baby crib bedding.

And Cream Sheeps Crib Bedding can be your alternative choice for it is totally available in cream color. What a cream color has to offer is about optimal peace by which your baby can sleep conveniently.

Something unique you will find in the cream sheeps baby crib bedding is as to the use of quality cotton fabric leading to comfort. Once night comes and the weather starts getting cold, the cotton fabric will provide desired warmth, so sleep will not be distracted.  Coming with embroidery style, this bedding set enables you to experience something unique since you can see as if attached figure lived just like you are. Simplicity on the design of course becomes a plus point for this guide your baby to do whatever it takes. Providing your baby with comfortable and convenient baby crib bedding is a must.

The reason is, this matter enables your loved one to get its best. As your choice, cream sheeps baby bedding must exist somewhere in your home for the item allows you to give your baby the best thing. There is nothing you can do to make your loved one happy, expect offering all of the things that he/she likes the best.

Cream sheep baby bedding is just a matter of something simple. It comes to provide young girl and boy to get what they are supposed to be. And what it has to offer is simple design and the power of cream color.

My Baby Sam Pixie – Talking about baby girl bedding that fits your loved one, you firmly need to think of Baby Girl Bedding of My Baby Sam Pixie bedding se . Baby girl without a doubt likes to play with something colorful, and it is the idea the bedding set is created from. The bedding set is dominated by blue and pink colors that become true identity of girl.

Bumper of the bedding set without a doubt offers blue paisley fabric combined with pink color. Aqua polka dot motives of this bedding set are certainly a great point of interest, and girl really like it. Skirt of the baby girly bedding is available in white, which is fulfilled with two aqua polka dot pleats.

Design of this bedding is not only elegant for child perspective, but also safe since some pieces of quality material are set vertically to prevent baby from falling down. Existence of window valance in this baby bedding can be a plus point since it has something to do with optimal function on protecting baby from mosquito beat. On the other hand, the window valance also becomes accessory to the bedding making it more attractive to see.

It is true that finding the best baby girl bedding is by no means easy for this matter takes you to know specific characters of girl. For example, it takes you to understand about what color that most girls really like. My Baby Sam Pixie bedding set puts priority on young girl characters, especially as to specific colors most girl like to possess.

Of course this bedding set does not ignore the importance of hamper, and as you can see from the design, hamper is made not only based on the function but also integral part of the item with the whole bedding set, making the bedding looks great.


Modern Baby Bedding – Modern way of living can also be reflected from modern baby bedding. What applies very well to the other things representing modernity, may too apply very fittingly to baby bedding. In a way, if you are a worshipper of ultra-modern-chic-urban life, your baby can enjoy the same effects too. Of course, you need to be very clear about everything from placement of items to the selection of color shades.

There should not be any cluttering in the surrounding of the room where the bedding is placed. Letting such things be so, you only take a counterintuitive measure toward your plan. Colors should also be the subject you pay your attention to.

White and probably lighter shades of grey can be taken into account when building modern nursery room and the bedding in it. Nevertheless, you can also take a sharp turn and put a twist into modern baby bedding. Use instead accessories, with decorative properties in them, which have, probably, images of cartoon characters. This piece will decorate the room and standout tall and pride on itself. Certainly, if price has been of a concern to you, you can somewhat arrange or create the items to accessorize the room yourself.

After all, modern is identical to inventive, isn’t it? So, expand your imagination wider and higher and be as creative you can ever be. It can also be said that, somehow, using modern baby bedding is capable of giving you the desired trendier image on your family.

Modern beddings are also arguably made of materials which are a lot safer than traditional ones. Safety upon baby’s surrounding must comes first and must be on top of your priority list so, at any costs, you must not trade that for something that may or may not be able to fully support the baby.


Baby Room  – I love decorating baby rooms with wall stickers, they are neat, come in all different shapes and sizes and can easily be removed without damaging the wall. Wall stickers could be more then just a decoration, it could be a central focus point in the room, whether it is for a boy, girl or a gender neutral baby room, it could really set the theme. We will give you some great examples, please click on the image for more more information about the wall stickers used.


This baby room wall sticker is very funky, and most people either love it or hate it. This wall sticker looks great on the grey background, you could even paint the wall pale blue or pink to give the room a warmer feel. With a wall sticker with as many colors as this one you want to keep the rest of the room very calm, as you can see on the photo they used a plain white cot and a simple but functional white standing lamp next to it.

This might not be everyone’s cup of tea but it is a great example how a wall sticker can set the theme for the room. Pick one or two colors from the wall sticker and use them as accent colors through the room to make it all blend in without making the room too overwhelming.


This wall sticker is great for a unisex bedroom, the trees are very calming and look great on a white wall. I love the little bird house they put on the wall as a decoration. If you have a room with not much light coming in then a very light or white color on the wall will make the room look brighter and bigger and these trees on the wall will be just enough to give the room a calming feel without it being too bright or too in your face.

The tree wall sticker goes great with wooden furniture, you could really have a lot of fun with this room and add decorations like a furry rug, and use the colors green and orange in lamp shades or window dressings.

 Boy Bear

What could say boy more then the color blue and teddy bears? This is a fantastic combination with the subtle teddy bear wall stickers on the blue wall. Having the wall stickers the same color as the wall keeps the room very calm and these wall stickers can be ordered in many different colors to suit any room, girl, boy or gender neutral.

It is easy to let the blue come back in bedding and decorations but you could very easy add sandy or brown colors to this room to break it up.

Wall Pops

 These wall stickers are called wall pops, they are single stickers, circles and jungle animals that can be put up in different combinations to suit any room. Here they used blue, green and yellow but you could pick any color combination. This is a great backdrop for the crib and suit a gender neutral room and you are sure to find fitting bedding and decorations in these popular baby colors.


Wall quotes always been a favourite for baby rooms, you can find the cutest quotes and they will draw the attention as it will be the first thing people see when they walk into the room. Quotes are great for a calm and neutral room like the one above. You can find quotes in all different shapes and sizes and often can choose your preferred color to match your room. Wall quotes will never go out of fashion and look great in any baby room.

Hopefully you got some inspiration from the examples we gave you, baby room wall stickers are a great way to decorate a nursery, and remember if you want more information about the wall stickers shown, click on the images.

bold nursery ideas – Some of the trends we’ve been seeing in 2013 are bold colors and patterns for nurseries. Of course the room should be a calm and warm environment for the baby to sleep in, but there are some fun ways you can add color, check out these bold nursery ideas. Think feature walls, decor and even the ceiling can be utilized as a different way to add a splash of color to your nursery.

Whether you use paint, stencils or wall paper, there are plenty of options to create a bold feature wall in your nursery. The hand-painted pattern below was inspired by the bedding and looks great.

A similar look can be achieved by using wallpaper with a colorful design or pattern. When using bright colors for your feature wall, make sure you keep the other walls light and choose plain furniture to keep the room calm without looking too overwhelmed by color. Nursery decor is a great way to add color, don’t forget if you already have multiple bold colors on the wall, you might want to tone down the decor but if you us a light color on the walls, adding bold colors and patterns through decor is a great idea, just have a look at the following examples.

I know, one of the last places you would expect a bold color is the ceiling, but even if this is an unexpected place, it is a fun way to add a splash of color to the room. Just have a look at the following examples and it might just change your mind. As you can see, there are lots of different ways to add bold colors and patterns to a nursery.

To keep the nursery a warm and calm place, use only 2 or 3 bold colors in the room and try and find a balance with soft calm colors versus bold bright colors. We hope we inspired you with some bold nursery ideas, and we love to hear from you and share your ideas with our readers!

Mickey Mouse Baby Bedding – What a great baby bedding set!!! You may say these words out of your mouth when it comes to Mickey Mouse bedding collection. It is a common secret that any baby like cartoon figure, and this is the reason why providing bedding set with Mickey Mouse figure can be an alternative choice.

Your baby will not only benefit from the main function of the bedding, but also play with any the cartoon figure enabling the baby improve intelligence effortlessly.

With all of the things the bedding has to offer, your loved one can feel the best of his/her life without any doubt. Of course you can find many motives of Mickey Mouse bedding set, and the one that should be your choice is the bedding set available in blue color. Figure of Mickey Mouse is merely embroidered over any items of the bedding set, such as blanket and pillow.

It means that placing the Mickey Mouse bedding to your baby will let your loved one gets into what he/she likes on every single corner of the bedroom. With quality cotton fabric, it is certainly about something real that your baby can sleep in comfort with the Mickey Mouse bedding.

Not to mention, this baby bedding collection comes with an idea of giving baby stylish whimsical look.

Baby Room Ideas   Whether your baby is settled in and growing up fast or if you are still waiting for the arrival of your little bundle of joy, the baby room will be a place where you and your baby spend a lot of time.

So we thought we give you 5 updates and ideas for your baby room to give it an affordable fresh new look. Changing the decor in your nursery is fun and with just a few small changes you could change the look and feel to suit the season and your child’s age. As your baby grows he or she will be more interested in bright colors and without overhauling the whole room you could incorporate colors with these easy updates.

Throw rugs

Add a new color to your baby room by using a throw rug. You could even bring the different seasons indoors by using a rug suiting the season like sunny bright colors or use a nice wool warm rug for winter.

Wall art

Replacing wall art is a simple and cost effective way to update a room. Choose paintings or photo’s that represent the season or that mean something special to you and your baby. Another way to change the wall art in the room is to paint or replace the frames. Choose bright colored frames that stand out or choose several frames in different sizes to create a real focus point on the wall.

Re-cover pillow and furniture

You could buy ready make pillow covers or ready made slip overs for furniture to get a new look instantly. If you are creative and have a sewing machine you could save even more money and make your own. Brighten up your baby room theme by looking for fabric in the same theme but with brighter colors and patterns.

Peel and stick wall borders

It has never been easier to change the theme of your baby room as your baby grows. We use peel and stick wall borders, they look the same as wallpaper wall borders but these are much easier to stick on and you can peel them off and replace with a new border without painting or replacing the wall paper.

Lamps and accessories

Take existing pieces from your baby room and update them by using ribbons or colorful fabric to give them a fresh new look. Lamp shades are great as you can attach beats and ribbons. If you have created a unisex nursery you could change door knobs with funky boy or girl themed ones instead, or decorate storage boxes with fabric or ribbons.

There are many different ways to update your baby room, whether it is your fist or second baby, small changes often can have a big impact on the feel and look of the room. If you have more tips on how to update your nursery, please let us know and we can add them to our 5 updates and ideas for your baby room list.

Neutral Baby Bedding – Talking about neutral baby bedding, you have a lot of choices out there. However, it takes you to consider possessing animal tree crib bedding. It is a bedding set that comes with simple design. Coming with modern prints, this bedding set is a perfect choice to your kids since all become so smooth as they are attached naturally.

Fitted sheet, crib skirt, quilt and blanket are what this 4-piece neutral bedding has to offer. Made from quality fabric, the neutral baby bedding is what your baby need to sleep in comfort.

What makes this neutral baby bedding set unique is that it offers motive of sprouting trees and adorable monkeys. Existence of tree and money will be the best thing for you to reach your children about something natural where he/she lives in. The motive will also enable your kids to have more time to play for fun. Neutral color, such as white and brown, will be main character of this animal tree crib bedding. It is important to chose proper colors as they are linked with mood, positive energy and other things that can make your loved one gets his/her best.

Design of animal tree crib bedding is made simple yet effective. Every detail is paid attention to, so something comfortable is not far from reach. Of course all of the qualities in bedding set will be nothing if the item has no good fabric. And if you provide your kids with this bedding, it seems that number-one used fabric is available.

it really makes sense to bring this tree animal crib bedding to your home, and you can take it in a special day as gift to your child. Without a doubt, your loved one will be happy to possess this neutral baby bedding set since all of the things to get comfort in sleep exist.


Custom Baby Bedding – Sure, designing a nursery room is part of what makes having a baby so fun. Assembling a custom baby bedding can also be a good way to build a bond between you and your partner. In doing so, you can try to appropriate the overall theme of the room with the ongoing season. For example, in anticipation of the arrival of springtime, the room can be decorated to give impressions of more cheerful livelihood.

Of course, you should never overdo it because not only will the room look tacky, the nursery room, as is the case with other rooms in your house, must be properly decorated. Why?. It is because the room is still part of your house.


If your house is decorated with modern minimalistic tone emphasized on it, you should never stun someone who comes into the nursery room by providing them a view so contrast to the other part of the house in terms of design. So, keeping it all toned down might be the perfect thing to begin with. In conjunction with your idea of using custom baby bedding, simple- and light-colored draperies can be applied too to the room. It helps keep the balance of simplicity and playful tone you probably also put focus on.

Using custom-made baby bedding also gives you broader chance to improve the personalization of every item being put into the nursery room. You can, say, apply monograms to the items. It can be done by imprinting the initials of your baby and emboss them to give bolder looks. The colors can be adjusted to the overall tone of the rest of things inside the room. You can even pick your most favorite fonts to the initials.

See, it can be made fit even into your most personal preference. Nonetheless, you must first pick the kind of fabric used for the custom baby bedding best giving the comforts for the baby in the future.